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2009 Subaru Legacy HID retrofit

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  • 2009 Subaru Legacy HID retrofit

    Just got a 2009 Subaru Legacy 3.0R. First thing among some repairs is a HID retrofit.

    I'm going to be putting Morimoto DS2 4.0 in the low beam projector location and painting some of the chrome. Could use some advice on the paint.

    Build log of the car for everything other than lighting can be found here

    The car (not mine, its in the garage in pieces at the moment)

    Forgot to take a pic before opening them up.

    Current state of the headlights.

    After opening them up

    Removed the amber reflector. Its common to remove them and originally thought the headlights look bad with the amber reflectors but now I'm not sure.

    The Morimoto sitting in the exisiting shroud, not mounted yet.

    If I keep the amber removed reflector I think I'm going to try and make a clear reflector by cutting up a clear reflector from something else.

    *Warning* Crappy MS paint "photoshop"

    I want to retain some chrome but I think most would agree there is way too much stock and everything blends together. So I've done some pictures progressively adding more black.

    At least I would say paint in the back and try to split up the "two" projectors. (Inner is a reflector but they designed it to kind of look like a projector)

    Black lines added to low pointed between the raised chrome parts on the projector surround to split them up and define them.

    Added black line around the edge of the raised chrome to tie all the black lines coming to the front together.

    Blacked out under the projectors, that will prevent the bottom from reflecting the projector chrome and causing the headlight to look too busy

    Of course the black doesn't have to be flat black, Could be gloss black, or use night shade and make it a dark chrome look. Or use that to dark chrome some pieces while leaving others stock chrome while also painting some black. Or use a satin dark grey/silver somewhere.

    Basically I think my color options are:
    Flat black
    Gloss Black
    Night Shade the chrome to give it a dark chrome look
    Dark grey or silver, likely satin

    Working on more MS paint modded pictures at the moment.
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    Originally posted by bnevets27 View Post
    After opening them up

    Aww man, so easy to bolt in the HID version of that projector:

    But of course, MD2S4 would be better
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      I personally would leave the amber piece out, and not paint anything (if that really is what your car looks like up there, stock/unmodified). Keep it simple.
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        Well the HID version is only low beam. I could have done the retro-quik H1 also which would have been simple but I wanted to do D2S and I already had them also.

        I have to paint something, for me all the chrome in there is just way too busy. I'm also going to be changing the grill and blacking out the fog light surrounds. Also these headlights do have a lot of different shapes and textures and I think some contrast wold make some of the features stand out.

        So far I am getting a lot of keep it all chrome from people around me but they like a lot of chrome. A lot of people with this car black out the entire/most of the chrome so its kind of the standard thing to do. So would like to try and do something a little different. But black and silver do look good together so I think I'm left with how I apply the black or use different shades and/or finishes.
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          Well they are built as far as functionality is concerned. I have pics and will post more build details soon.

          I plan to paint the shrouds/chrome piece. I decided that it's going to be close to the last photo I posted which is the most blacked out version.

          I need some help with painting onto the chrome. As you can see the parts that need to be painted are too intricate to be able to remove the chrome or scuff it.

          So how do you paint on chrome?

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            There's no way around it. Chrome is too smooth, you have to at least scuff it up
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              I don't scuff mine. I just do very light coats of black primer, until there's enough dried on there, then I can do a full coat. I suppose you could top coat with another black paint if the black primer isn't black enough, but it works for me
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                I scuffed → primer → paint (I had no clear at the time). No issues after a track day and a few drives.
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                  I think, it being behind the sealed lens helps, since it's not exposed to any elements or damage. The only problem I've seen is when paint bubbles, but that's usually because of other reasons.
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                    Exactly gold94. I've done one. Currently painting the other. The chrome itself and therefore the paint also is extremely delicate. But after assembly nothing should be touching it. Keeping my head down working on these and other various stuff on the car so haven't updated the thread as I've went along. Will post up progress soon. Back to laying another coat.
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                      Drew up some brackets in CAD and got them waterjet cut. Drawing and designing them was a lot of work. TRS (maybe I should have asked morimoto) wouldn't provide me with any dimension other then the barely useful ones they have on their site. Top two brackets where designed to have the projectors mounted on top of the bracket. The bottom two were designed to have the projector mounted to the back of the bracket if there wasn't room to mount it that far forward. Further down on your right are some foreground limiters I had made up also. And the two on the far left are my brackets for retrofitting the ford fogs.

                      Slight cutting of the OEM mount for clearance for the MD2Sís. One side needed more for the shield solenoid wire.

                      Mounted. Not a fan of showing off uncomplete work. But I like reading and seeing others builds so itís only fair to share back.

                      Lots of room for OEM cap

                      Mounting ballasts

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                        Umm excuse me. Your cuts into the frame are perfect and it makes me feel inferior.
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                          I think you should make 100 pairs of those brackets and sell them. Nice!
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                            I have a slight electrical problem. My high beams act as DRLís so with my light off the receive reduced voltage. Problem is Iíve tapped into the wiring going to the high beams to activate the solenoid to move the shield. When the light are off the solenoid is not happy getting some voltage but not enough to trigger so itís juts buzzing away.
                            Anyone know of hopefully a simple way to block voltage bellow say 12v and once 12v or higher is reached then allow the power through?
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                              Can you say shield drop?
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