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  • 01 Lexus is300

    After modding my cluster and center console lights with addressable rgb strips and seeing how that turned out, I figured the next lighting project would be my headlights.

    I just finished them.

    My goals for this retrofit were:
    Cheap(Not a good goal, I know)
    Blacked out shroud
    Yellow drl/brights bowl(Not a single one of you might like this but I love it)
    jdm style blinkers(kinda)
    and of course, addressable leds(rings, blinkers, and demon eyes>

    While I was at the junk yard a couple months ago, I ran into a tsx with some smash headlights so I parted out the projectors for 30$.
    Everything else came from either amazon, eBay, or aliexpress.

    I will try not to present this as steps but as pictures from start to finish. I don't have many pictures though:frown2:

    New ebayheadlights compared to my oems.

    Baked and taken apart the ebay lights for paint.

    Put everything together but not glued to get an idea of how it would look.

    Working on demon eyes. I have it controlled that it will turn on at night/dark and off at day.

    Left:Oem housing with oem bulb from 2001. Right: Tsx projector with some cheap 6000k d2s bulbs.

    Testing out blinker sequence.

    Testing out lock/unlock sequence. When the car is off and you lock or unlock the car, you will get a rainbow effect.

    This is the control box which will be stored away right under the driver side foot panel. The relays tell the trinket(Little micro controller in the upper right) when to do blinkers, drl lights, demon eye, etc.

    Not the best pic of the finish lights, but I will try to get some this weekend.

    unlock sequence.

    locking with hid turning off.

    I will try to get better photos and videos this weekend. I will also be adding more effects to the lights.
    Also wanted to add that I honestly hate black/dark headlights on a black car but soon I will be wrapping my car.
    I understand that this might not be every ones style but I look forward to the feedback.

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    Neato! I like it.

    2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder
    2017 Lexus CT200h F Sport


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      Impressiv work on the LEDs.
      Subaru Outback retrofit:
      License plate lights with dual brightness:


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        More Pics and a video of the blinker sequence.


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          MInd if i ask , What controller to control those sequence as for the halos ?