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1986 suzuki samurai retrofit

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  • 1986 suzuki samurai retrofit

    For the time that I have owned and drove my Samurai, I had always felt that the sealed halogen lights were terriblely dim. I searched for Led headlights and never found a set that I felt looked amazing, and most seem to be drawing more watts than the old stock lights, something that I didn't want.

    My father is an auto body man and is always getting things like headlights abd tail lights that are damaged but still working. When he brought me a pair of subaru imprezza hid lights I knew that I had found my solution!

    I searched for quite some time to get an idea of what others have done, and what problems could come up. I wanted to do something nice to seal the projectors, but I couldn't figure out a good way to do so that wouldn't be very cumbersome and still be serviceable.

    In the end I chose to use neatly placed aluminum tape on the outside of the housings and reflectors after they were adhered together. Because the d2s didn't have a good seal on the rear, I used a small bead of black silicone on the bulb (super carefully and without touching the glass at all) to be sure that it had no ingress.

    Funny note, even though I thoroughly cleaned the inside of the reflector and glass seconds before sealing it, there are a few cat hairs inside

    I had fun with these, and I will probably be doing another set with bi-xenon in the future so I can get back the high beams. Honestly with the halogen lights there was no difference between high and low beams so I wasn't very concerned, other than for road legality.

    Also these have lenses from The Retrofit Source, as the stock ones were fresnel lenses. I played with the focus a bit to see if I could get a color band but I couldn't find it. It probably would help if they had curved shields but they don't.

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    Good work! To get the mad color band you'd need proper clear lenses (not just any, focal length matters). But really, a soft cutoff is easier on the eyes.

    Is one crooked, or are they bowed?

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      They're bowed because of the flat shields. TRS lists this projector as the correct replacement, so if i had played more with spacers i probably could have gotten it.
      Also, yes the shrouds are mason jar lids


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        I like the mason jar lids!
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          I also like the idea of the mason jars. Seems like a good match. One headlight seems to show some black while the other one is reflective inside?! But it might just be the light showing. If you like these you could just add some extra high beams and keep these projectors.
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            Yes one indeed is reflected black because I forgot to add the same stripe of foil tape to both black housings!


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              Originally posted by Flyingwigs View Post
              Yes one indeed is reflected black because I forgot to add the same stripe of foil tape to both black housings!
              Well that's kinda dumb, you should at least make them match lol