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ceub1115's FIRST RETROFIT - 2013 Honda Pilot Morimoto D2S 4.0 Retrofit

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  • ceub1115's FIRST RETROFIT - 2013 Honda Pilot Morimoto D2S 4.0 Retrofit

    I bought these components to originally use on 2014 Honda Ridgeline because the stock halogen output was awful. I never got around to completing the retrofit, and had to sell the truck due to the arrival of my 3rd child. Fast forward a year later, I finally decided to tackle this on my new daily driven Dad wagon. I was a little nervous because the Honda Pilot OEM headlights are ridiculously expensive to replace, and even the aftermarket options are far more than I would care to pay if I botched the job. In an effort to prevent any mishaps, I decided to keep the retrofit as OEM and clean as possible (didn't want to get too creative and screw something up). My goal was once I got the headlights resealed, there would be no reason to ever open them back up, which is why I opted to not use and halos, or demon eyes (which I actually purchased and planned on using originally before I came to my senses).

    Parts list:
    2 x Bi-Xenon: Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0
    2 x Apollo 3.0
    2 x 35w / D2S: Morimoto XB Ballast
    2 x D2S Bulbs: XB 5500K
    RetroRubber Resealing kit
    1 x HD Relay: H11
    2x Splitter: 9005M > 9005F / 9006F (for quad high beam)

    Morimoto Fog Light Type S XB LED (set)

    Still working on getting the rotational alignment just right. I failed to get them 100% perfect before I resealed them . Luckily I didn't epoxy the projectors into place, so I can adjust them from behind with enough torque (don't worry, they are tight enough I don't think they'll ever rotate on their own). Overall, I cannot believe I waited so long to do this. It makes such a huuuuge difference on road, and I will be retrofitting any car I ever get from here on out.

    I also decided to upgrade my fogs while I had the bumper off. Decided to go with the Morimoto XB Type S. They are great!

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    Good job!

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      Originally posted by Haloruler64 View Post
      Good job!
      Thank you!


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        Do you have any other pictures of the output? They look amazing