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Quad D2S 4.0 Tacoma Retro

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  • Quad D2S 4.0 Tacoma Retro

    Back with another build. I am starting off with a set of OEmassive headlights. They will be the perfect base for quads because of the dual adjustment screws for both projectors.

    4ea Morimoto D2S 4.0 square projctors
    -Custom designed and 3d printed projector mounting adapter plates
    -Custom illuminated side marker
    -Upgraded DRL/Turn signal LED's
    -Matte black painted bezels
    -Quad halos

    Here we go
    Fresh off the boat

    My wife is gone for the the oven is fair game

    NOTE: These are stupid easy to get apart. OEmassive does not use devil snot glue like OEM Toyota. It is butyl rubber so in the over @ 270 for 10min and I just pulled them apart with my hands. No tools.


    While the housings were hot, I took advantage and cleaned all the channels. Tip:
    Keep the old sealant in a ball and it works like a sticky eraser to remove more from the headlights.

    20min later

    Here is the backside of the DRL boards. So many wires!!

    Stock LED and boards for the Turn/DRL. Into the garbage they go.
    For those with a keen eye; they use white LED's exclusively.. with an amber cover over every other LED to create the orange color for turn signal.

    How the light shines through into the otter frosted lens

    Next is to rip out those cheap optics.

    What I would have given to have dual post adjustments when I did my quads...

    Close up of the projector. No clue who makes it.

    The goods:


    morimoto D2S 4.0 projectors+components

    first I wanted to address the big ugly "glow bar" OEmassive has as the DRL. 2 things bothered me;
    1) it stuck out unnecessarily far
    2)it wasn't blacked out enough

    Here is how it sits stock:

    I trimmed the back tabs which let it sit further back in the channel and now flush. YEAAA

    Tabs that were trimmed

    Next was to tone down the big white ugly thing.
    I contemplated the best route on this one without diminishing light output. I settled on masking off the front;

    Traced and cut. FREEHAND YO

    And after some matte black. This will cut down on all the ugly white and still give me a nice "window" for the LEDS to shine through

    test fit. Now were getting somewhere

    Next is the side reflector.

    To continue my BLACKEDOUT theme, 1/8" smoked acrylic is what I'll be using

    Into the CNC

    All done.

    The slots in the middle are groved from the backside. This will allow the LED strip to fit in. as seen here

    Test fit on the side. NICEEEEE

    They will mount to the inside bracket that will hold the LED strips

    Then onto my high/low beam brackets.
    I modeled the OEM ones to get a perfect drop in fit

    out of the printer. Projectors line up perfect!

    The backside was honeycombed for reinforcement

    Next to the OEM

    stay tuned for more

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    what 3d printer do you use for all of this? the brackets look great!
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      Originally posted by soundman98 View Post
      what 3d printer do you use for all of this? the brackets look great!
      Thank you! Printer is a HP Jet fusion 4200. Material is nylon based and fused at high temps. Makes for a light and very strong part...just as good as injection molded parts.


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        Thats one good retro... looks amazing👌🏻


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          You get the brackets done via Shapeways or do you actually have access to one?
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            Originally posted by lowfat View Post
            You get the brackets done via Shapeways or do you actually have access to one?
            My work has a HP MJF so I'm spoiled to use it on my own projects. I'd go broke if I had to buy off shapeways:/


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              This is turning out nice. See the wonderful things us guys can accomplish when the wife's away.
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                Originally posted by Pklemm View Post
                This is turning out nice. See the wonderful things us guys can accomplish when the wife’s away.
                hahah right!

                First DRL tube is done. I could have smoked the inside but the objective was as bright as possible, so the transparency was left as is. Also, the depth of the light board make a big difference; too close and you see every single LED, too far and you loose some intensity.

                Layout of the LED boards;

                They are offset back just enough as not to be noticed, yet still blend in for a solid plasma beam look.
                Most importantly...NO dead spots!



                Video of switchback function


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                  Bloody hell this is nice.


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                      Love the build quality and custom parts to really bring it all together! It's nice to see builds like this


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                        Originally posted by gold94corolla View Post
                        Love the build quality and custom parts to really bring it all together! It's nice to see builds like this
                        It really is. There is a lot of talent in this forum, although just not many members.


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                          yeah, that's why it's such a treat to see things like these these days with few posting members


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                            The quality of this build is top notch, definitely following this thread!
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                              Next thing to address was the Angry Halos. This was the most difficult part. WHY? Because nobody makes square halos
                              So I did what any sane person would do.. Design and fabricate my own.

                              These has a lot of details wrapped in them
                              1)I had to match the conture of the Original bezel so it would all flow toether like OEM. (even the little ribs on the inside)
                              2)Layout in the back so my LED strips will all fit and disperse light evenly
                              3)1/8" channel on the outside for my plexiglass

                              Next, mask off and start cutting

                              *SNAPS FINGER*
                              DONE(wish it was that easy)

                              3D printed for test fitment

                              I designed a lip on the back to prevent it form falling out forward(will also give me a spot to plastic weld it in)

                              LED layout

                              Now for the inside channel... I didn't want it open becasue you would see all the indiviudual LED's. So I CNC'd out a quick jig. Then heated/bent up plexiglass and formed it.

                              Plexi installed(it was also sanded with 400grit to give the light a nice glow)

                              But wait, there's more
                              There is a big flat spot on the inside, so I decided to draw up a matching "3 bar" reflector(like the side ones)

                              Cut out.

                              LED channels

                              It's a combination of 3d printed housings, with CNC'd acrylic inside.

                              Backside. All wiring done. I will go over all the board with adhesive just to make sure it's in there for good.

                              Then, all the housings were sanded and painted with Matte krylon. It's my favorite paint as it's not too dull(like flat) and not too shiny(like gloss)

                              ALL DONE!

                              Close up of the internals

                              LIGHT PICS. I Couldn't leave you guys hanging!!!


                              Angry halos AKA Dragon eyes. I'm REALLY happy how these turned out. The light hits the plexi internally, then goes straight through into the front which is lightly sanded. I would put these up against any commercially made halo

                              Still figuring out how everything will be wired. Here's the DRL amber on with dragon eyes

                              DRL's only

                              Dual color

                              Side markers

                              And the icing on the cake, I couldn't leave the ugly fake fins at the bottom so I made a snap in over panel with my logo and a little design

                              Last thing to do (other than reseal) is design an extended rear cap to cover the bulb/igniter because these projectors stick a little far out the back than stock.