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1996 Integra DB8 Retrofit Project - Slowest Retrofit Ever

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    Hopefully I'm going to take a stab at mounting these projectors this weekend, quick mounting question. I intended on using a "double nut" method on the screws to secure everything in place along with some locktite. Would that be enough, or should i look into using some sort of spacer as well?


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      Having a spacer as backup wouldn't hurt. But two nuts tightened opposite of each other plus liquid thread lock should be good.
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        So, my HID build was sort of put on the back burner, but not on purpose. I don't get a ton of free time to work on the car these days, and one of my bigger tasks is taking up way, WAY more time than i thought. Replacing the cabin harness to the car to hopefully get rid of the electrical demons in my car....

        Still have to finish this side, then i can put the dash and components back together and pray lol.