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2009 Subaru Legacy HID retrofit

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    Thanks guys! I'm on many forums and there are few places on the internet, that you can ask a question and get a real, concise answer from people that actually know what they are talking about.


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      Fantastic job! the chrome and black inside the light the some thing im deff going to add to my next headlight project ! very cool


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        Next lighting upgrade thoughts involve the rear end. I would like to either buy or build a LED light bar for use as a roof line 3rd brake light.
        Like this

        Or retrofit the stock 3rd brake light to be brighter. Likely it might make more sense to start with retrofitting the current 3rd brake light. Then move onto creating the light bar. Unless there is a light bar available that is acceptable.

        I want the 3rd brake light to be brighter, brighter then the stock WR21/5W tail lights if possible. I want to insure I'm seen, lots of idiots out there these days.

        What LED's are recommend these days? I know everyone used to use superflux but that was awhile ago. Preferably i would like a nice uniform light as I personally don't like the look of dots of LEDs.

        Secondly, this car has reflectors in the bumper which are not lit. Looks like someone has lit them up before as seen in the youtube video. I would like to make them bright enough to be used as rear fog lights, since they are low to the ground it seems to me like a good fit.

        For the rear bumper reflectors I would prefer a pre-made board using high quality bright LEDs, same board if available could be used for the 3rd brake light also. If not I will of course need to build one. Again would need LED suggestions.

        Finally, I do want to upgrade some of the interior bulbs. Mainly the rear truck and the courtesy door lights (they light up the ground, when the door is opened). Starting with some cheap ebay panels, got ones with 5630 as I figured that was the best available. I plan to put a few on these throughout the trunk. So nothing special here.

        The courtesy lights in the doors might provide to be a bit more challenging. They are DE3021. The only festoon options in that size seems to be the 5050. Or the same panels with the adapters. I'll have to see how much room I have as I assume the panels will be the brightest option. If I have to use festoon "bulb" I could maybe use some suggestions. Though any interior lighting suggests at all are welcome.

        Map/Dome = DE3175
        Door/Vanity = DE3021
        ​Trunk = 168
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          Pics don't work (use imgur instead).


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            Fixed, I saw that I could upload pics to here via url, turns out that doesn't work.


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              Hey, Do you have extra brackets that you made? Would you be interested in selling? I'm in Ontario.


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                Not much progress on the lighting front and I still haven't posted any output shots. (Hopefully I can get some quick shots on the driveway in the next couple days) But I did cleanup the front end a bit and added a lip and some LED panels to the doors (had shots of before and after but they went missing)

                I did find a picture of when I had just pulled out of the garage.

                In other news I helped my dad complete his retrofit, was going to post it here as I didn't take any in progress pictures but I think I'll give it, its own thread. That's posted here: 1999 Ford F360 Super Duty retrofit.

                Anyhow some pics as she sitting now

                I'm seriously considering at some point in the future swapping the headlights for EDM/JDM as they had HID from factory (which I didn't know at the time) with leveling motors and headlight washers. But to fit them it requires the bumper, front fenders and hood along with all the bits under the bumper, fender liners etc to be replaced as well so its a big undertaking and cost, and I would still upgrade the projectors. So mainly it would be to gain leveling, headlight washers and they have sort of a DRL strip in them rather then using the high beam which looks a lot nicer.


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                  I figure I'll post this in here as I have already put it together and posted on the legacy forum.

                  (I pixilated the bottom of the photo as it was just a mess, didn't think about that at the time of taking the pictures)

                  The wall is about 15-20 feet away. and the drywall on the right is white/light grey and the drywall on the left is yellowed. All pictures were taken on manual mode and taken with my LG V30.

                  OEM out of my 2009

                  Morimoto D2S 4.0, matsushita ballast with philips 85122 bulbs


                  This is a good comparison of colour.