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Corvette C5R Non-Pop Up Retrofit

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  • Corvette C5R Non-Pop Up Retrofit

    I've been documenting my C5 non pop up headlight retrofit in a video build.

    Check out part 1!

    Part 2 to come soon... Here are a few renders from my CAD model:



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    Looks awesome, looking forward to final product


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      Very cool! Although with all that work, i'd probably use a better projector and reuse the shrouds.

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        Thanks guys!

        Yeah I'm going to test the projectors out, and if they're not up to par with my expectations I'll swap them out for the latest Mini H1 generation.


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          Originally posted by doublec4 View Post
          if they're not up to par with my expectations I'll swap them out for the latest Mini H1 generation
          I'd recommend Mini D2S 3.0 or 4.0 instead of the Mini-H1.

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            Originally posted by VIP1 View Post
            I'd recommend Mini D2S 3.0 or 4.0 instead of the Mini-H1.
            It doesn't look like the Mini H1 fits in without some margin there; the slightly larger D2S 4.0 should give you a good boost in visibility and allow the use of OE D2S bulbs.
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              Just saw this video yesterday and was like "hmm, I wonder if this guy is on the forum". Cool project.

              You mentioned using eagle eye leds for the corners but I don't recall you saying if it was for a DRL effect or switchback function to serve as turn signal to? Please don't use those cheap Chinese eagle eye leds. If those are going to be aluminum pods go with quality Luxeon Rebel 1-up led stars in each. Maybe 3 white and 3 amber.

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                Looking forward to the rest of this build


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                  You inspired my current build, you have some pretty sick designs.

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                    Thanks guys!

                    To answer a few more questions... the "eagle eye" LEDs are in fact the Chinese ones. Obviously I'm not using them for illuminating anything, it's more just accent lighting than anything else. I have switchback LEDs in my dedicated turn signal housing and I opted not to tap into those and have even more turn signals. I didn't want to over do it. Sometimes less is more.

                    I'm currently working on the next video. To be completely candid, the whole thing is done at this point and they look pretty slick. I'm going to live with the H1 projectors for now, but I have a tendancy to not leave things alone.... so a D2S upgrade may be something to look into if I tear these down again


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                      I dunno about the Eagle Eyes but I purchased some similar white Bolt LED's from SuperBrightLeds to use as full time DRL for my Jeep Sealed 7 and they are great. Very dependable. The go on and on and on without flicker, dimming, inconsistent on/off etc.... I have only 2 gripes:
                      1. The lens fell off of 1 of the 8 that I use.
                      2. The sun has faded off some of the black powdercoating.

                      Functionally, they are excellent performers. Especially to be in such a little cramped housing with 50w ballasts cooking CBI bulbs.


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                        Part 2 is here


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                          I'll say it again everything's coming along great! Looking forward to the finished product
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                            Thanks! Part 3 is up! It's done!


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                              Sweet. That generic projector doesn't look half bad. Great custom build