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New ZKW swivel-head projector

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  • New ZKW swivel-head projector

    This is a D1S projector from 2012-2014 BMW 7-series (HID equipped cars). The head/lens assembly is attached and controlled by a stepper motor. Since I don't have anything D1S, I stuck an old 85122 D2S bulb in instead. This thing is f***ing awesome! All pictures are with a point and shoot and the shutter speed, etc. vary, but you get the idea. The projector is in the same position for all photos, but I've rotated the head left and right. The rotation really doesn't seem to make a difference in the beam. I only had a 3" clear lens from an FX-R and it didn't fit at all (too small and wrong focal length), so I've got no shots with a clear lens. Either way, not bad results for using the wrong bulb type.

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    interesting... so the hotspot kind of 'smears' when the projector is turned? do you have the housings? i'm curious how bmw got around the added side-to-side travel of the lens in the housing design..
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      Housings are gone, but I do have the "eyelids". They're black and the shape of a contact lens and actually move like an eyeball inside of the true shrouds. In person, the hotspot doesn't smear too badly, but the pictures are too washed out with the reflection off a white garage door to show much accurately. They do certainly get wider as they're turned though.


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        That's very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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          What type of control device is BMW using for this projector? Cool concept!


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            This is awesome! lol
            I worked on e92 headlights and the whole thing moved left/right but this is way cooler
            Thanks for sharing


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              Thanks for sharing the 3 low beam pics!


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                Originally posted by apkarian100 View Post
                What type of control device is BMW using for this projector? Cool concept!
                They use a stepper motor which is fully computer controlled. Per Wiki:
                "A stepper motor (or step motor) is a brushless DC electric motor that divides a full rotation into a number of equal steps. The motor's position can then be commanded to move and hold at one of these steps without any feedback sensor (an open-loop controller), as long as the motor is carefully sized to the application."

                Originally posted by Faites777
                Its len just REDIRECT the light that passes the cutoff shield; thus not all the produced/reflector bowl is exiting the projector = poorly efficient for lumens output, but works for 'adaptive/dynamic' application. Other AFS projectors rotate the whole projector system (i.e Lexus ones)
                Correct, but all projectors that I've seen don't capture all of the light from the bowl either. This still captures the hot spot and surrounding light, but a big part of this might be the lens size. They're larger than a standard 3". The 3" FX-R lens I have just falls through the opening, so maybe that extra 1/4" of lens helps grab more light from the bowl. Going from a 3" to a 3.25" lens gives a 17% increase in lens area, which could negate most of the effect of turning. Of course I'm still new to this, so I really don't know if all 3" lenses are close in size and this is extra large, or if these lenses fall within the normal size range.

                Since it works well with D2S, I think I'm going to try plugging it in to my car one night and comparing it to a modified RX330 non-AFS to gauge output. I've been needing to get output shots on my car for awhile anyway...


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                  I think I've seen these in a car. You can see the lens move when it goes left to right. I was staring a some bimmer I wasn't paying attention to the model and I saw the lenses were moving I thought it was lack of sleep. I was like WTF?!
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                    First time i've seen a projector like that - very unique!

                    I wonder how good the output can get if fitted with the correct-sized lens and mounted inside a headlight housing.