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2 HID bulbs in series.

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  • 2 HID bulbs in series.

    So a while back, someone asked if it was possible to hook up two ballasts in series. I knew that was impossible because most ballasts convert to AC. But I was curious if two bulbs connected in series would even ignite. Well, yes. But it might take a few strikes. Anyway, I was bored and decided to try this out with my "Hello, I'm a ********" bulbs and a DDM ballast.

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    I would think a 100W ballast should be able to light it off easier.


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      Lol at the end


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        I know. That power supply won't even run if there's no load. Very annoying. So it was either underloaded or overloaded at the end.


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          ATX PSU?

          This is interesting, thanks for sharing!


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            It's actually an AT power supply. So it has an actual power switch. I have another AT power supply that might not be so picky.


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              In the video, you (or whoever the narrator was) mentioned that they are dim enough that staring at them was ok.

              Did it ever get close to a single bulb's brightness?

              If not, this could be an option for DRL, assuming the bulb nor ballast life expectancy isn't compromised. One could have extra relays that connect each bulb in a regular way, and add another relay that connects both bulbs to one ballast for DRL.
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                I'm pretty sure they were about half the brightness considering they were in series. I was also using a DDM ballast. I'm also suspecting that the DDM ballast had to work harder to keep the two bulbs lit until my power supply decided to trip. I was actually thinking a series setup would be more suited for fog lights. But, as you see, stability is kinda limited.


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                  Lul series setup, I'd be afraid of killing ballasts.

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                    interesting. a good idea for more PnP users lol
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