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BMW E46 Morimoto XB LED vs OEM fog reflector w/HID

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  • BMW E46 Morimoto XB LED vs OEM fog reflector w/HID

    Hi guys,

    I just installed a pair of BMW E46 Morimoto XB LED fog lights into my 3 series. I’ve been always waiting for someone to post some high quality/exposure locked pictures of them comparing to HID within the stock reflector unit. But no-one has. Maybe because no-one dared install HID into a reflector. I was forced into HID fogs long ago when the old ZKW reflector bowls burned all reflective material out, leaving little headlight output. Back then it wasn’t heard of and I was the first to document. So in went with HID fogs to supplement as a quick/temp solution.

    Ten years and two E46s later, I decided to try LED for some education. I still need to fully align them but I think taking photos with my Canon 6D seems to give a good representative of what I see. Ignore the dim ambient higher temp light as that’s from the LED angel eyes:

    As I wanted to do, I also took the same exposure to compare my HIDs within the OEM reflector unit:

    In my 10 years of driving with these HIDs, I have not once been blinked either in the city or fully open highway in the country with no other light around for many years of this setup. Is it because the glare source from the reflectors is just low enough to the ground, being fog lights? When I stand in front of them from 50-100ft away I can tell they are bright but not in a blinding way. The light output they throw to the ground is great though as I needed them to see at night when the headlights weren’t outputting.

    I’m now trying to figure out which setup will work for better in light output to the ground. I have yet to test when everything is dry…damn winter! LOL. But from what I find it looks like the compromise between both setups is intense HID light with a fuzzy beam pattern OR a less intense LED light but aesthetic razor-sharp/refined cutoff.

    Any other constructive advice would be amazing. Thanks guys.
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