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How to photograph HID output help!

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  • How to photograph HID output help!

    Hopefully this is in the correct or at least close place.

    I am looking to sell my HID retrofitted headlights and I feel I am not doing them justice with my photos.

    I have 2013 Toyota Tundra lights, Ls460 projectors with a clear lens mod, denso ballasts and CBB bulbs. they have great color, width and love them, just giving the truck a facelift with some 2018 OEM sequoia LEDs.

    I am have an iPhone, GoPro 7, and a canon 7d DSLR.

    as far as the iPhone and goPro I have gotten just meh photos and I have not broke out the DSLR at night yet.

    Are there any tips or tricks you guys can lend.

    I am usually good about searching things but came up short

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    On a camera with a physical shutter, try different shutter speeds to find that sweet spot of balance between the brightly lit areas and moderately lit areas. Different shutter speeds also highlight the colorband differently.

    But more importantly, I like finding a long stretch of unlit area, maybe with street lighting very close to the vehicle but none far ahead. Make sure there's an object far ahead (say, fenceposts) or on the sides of a 1 lane road. That will illustrate the point of a good retrofit; the objects will be lit until far.

    White painted surfaces (or snow) are good for highlighting the colorband.
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