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    Hi..greeting from Indonesia

    i've this projector, but i really dont know what should i do after i got this Blank Spot.

    I've try to add some nuts between holder & bowl creating a space, turning the bulp up & down, left & right, try to turn lens up & down, but (WTF) i just get the same result, The Blank Spot still sitting there.

    may be i can get some help here or some advice maybe, who knows

    FYI: Projector lens 2,5" with H1 bulp

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    Did you try adjusting the bulb inside the reflector? It kinda looks like it might need to be shimmied. It's hard to tell in such a small space.


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      already done, but its still like that


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        The picture looks like the wall is much closer than about 25 feet (~8 meters) away. Since the beam pattern generally spread radially outwards, a distance that close makes it hard to evaluate beam patterns.

        Having said that;

        That area is approximately where the beam hits the foreground, that is the area on the ground several meters ahead of the vehicle. Since low beams are intended for freeway speeds (more than 65 kilometers per hour; 40mph), illuminating that area is counterproductive to being able to see distant objects which will be in front of you within a matter of seconds. The latter is why the hotspot is placed so close to the dead center of the beam.

        Another confounding factor against putting significant light on that area is the fact that even under dry road conditions, the amount of light coming back to our eyes from the road surface will vary depending on the angle the beam makes with the road surface. For the foreground, this angle is closer to vertical than the distant road ahead. This means that for the same light intensity, the foreground will appear brighter than the distant road surface. This is the opposite of what we want to achieve with low beams.

        Here are two wall shots (with the camera setting at low exposure to highlight hotspot differences) of two different projectors. The first one looks to have a very even distribution below the hotspot and all the way into the foreground area:

        The second one has a more pronounced relative progression from bright hotspot to darker foreground:

        When used on residential areas, my gut feel tends to prefer the first projector, as I can see more of the road a few meters ahead of me. But on freeway speeds, the second one helps see what I need to see ahead much better.

        OE projectors and reasonably designed aftermarket ones should have a darker foreground intensity when seen on the wall. I'd say yours meet that criteria. No amount of lens spacing will affect how the reflector bowl is designed. If it were possible to adjust lens spacing to increase intensity in that (foreground) area, I'm pretty sure everything else (e.g. distance illumination, shoulder illumination, glare above the cutoff) may be completely adversely affected.

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