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Morimoto D2S 4.0 vs FXR 1.0

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  • Morimoto D2S 4.0 vs FXR 1.0

    Since I had these both on hand I figured I would do a comparison. Not that buying the FXR 1.0 is really an option but I bought them way back then the 2.0 came out and I preferred the 1.0 beam pattern at the time. They never made it into a retrofit. Maybe some day. To me it looks like the FXR's are better over all. Better hotspot and width. Though the 4.0 does have a more even spread of light at the cut off. Too bad I didn't compare them with my 4.0 with a shield drop, they might be on par with the FXR for hot spot but the FXRs still have a bit more width.


    High Beam
    (I didn't have my camera set to the same setting for both projectors so I wouldn't compare the brightness, just beam pattern)

    D2S 4.0

    FXR 1.0

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    Yeah, the original FX-R were great. Just a bit streaky for some people. The D2S 4.0 is good when modded, and it just screws/bolts right in, unlike the FX-R. Having driven with both, I definitely preferred the FX-R in every way. The 4.0s didn't last long for me lol