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Don't think this will need a retro

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  • Don't think this will need a retro

    Hey guys. Some of you might remember me from the Supra retrofit days. The new daily driver arrived last week.

    94 Supra T

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    maybe a lens swap and/or shield mod for color or sharpness
    Stock Halogen Reflectors


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      Throw on a clear lens and some CBI's and call it a day.


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        Nice! Looks like an awesome dd!


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          Thanks guys. And this car is staying absolutely stock. No engine mods, no suspension mods, no body mods, no wheel mods, and no headlight mods. Barring the fact that the car is under warranty and I have no intension of doing anything to change that, I do not want to start taking apart Lexus engineered headlights because I know they will never get put back the same as they are now. So the lights are staying as is.
          94 Supra T


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            smart man!
            it took me 5 yrs to open my 02 Infiniti Q45 lamps. And then it was only because I had a wreck on the drivers side and got $1300 just for the lamp!!!
            I went to ebay and got 2 2005 headlamps for 1500.
            I took the old 2002 that was intack and played with it.
            I finally got the nerve to open the 05s.

            HID plug n play fail govt tests

            Matchbox hid projectors in BMW 530i fog projectors


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              So sick, that's my newest favorite car in my favorite color, and I hope to have one as my next car.


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                Bulbs are just bulbs!

                CBI's and done.


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                  I like Adam Carolla's ongoing review of the same car. It sounds awesome albeit with the 24-speed transmission.

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                    You could always be a little more awesome with "just" CBI's and 50w ballasts... Just sayin'.


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                      looks great, i wouldnt mess with it either other than some bulb changes


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                        i think your all good the manufacturer alredy done the retro for ya haha it saves you the work haha

                        by the way thats one nice looken ride
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                          DD ?!?!?!


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                            There may already be CBIs in there. Check before you go spending money.
                            Congrats though!
                            Looks like you're doing well for yourself.

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                              Thanks again to everyone.

                              As for CBIs, I'm a huge fan of 4300k, and must less of the 5000k or 6000k (which I think are in there now). So I am actually going to swap them out when I get a chance. If anyone has a set of 4300k Phillips or Osram bulbs they want to swap for some CBIs, let me know. I would consider a local trade.

                              johnygezony: I drive 60 miles/day and I think it's about time I enjoy the drive. We only live once and I don't want to be 60 regretting that I didn't have a fun car when I was 30. I just got an extended warranty today which extends the factory Lexus bumper-to-bumper warranty for another 4.5 years, so I should be all set until I can swing a more exciting set of wheels. But I think this will keep me perfectly happy for at least 4 years.

                              exist: Sorry bud, but no messing with the ballasts. Don't need Lexus telling me I voided the warranty on the lighting system because I overloaded it. Driving on well-lit roads and mostly during day-light, I don't think I'll be losing much by staying stock.

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                              94 Supra T