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  • 04 Dodge Neon

    Hello my name is jesus this is my 04 Dodge Neon.

    my car started its life as a base model stone white with tan interior dodge neon packing a 2.0 sohc engine and autotragic transmission. I bought my car brand new from the deal back on november of 04 for the sole purpose of A to B transportation. It didnt take long for the mod bug to bite me lol. my first mod was tint wheels and a drop the the required fart can and spoiler lol.

    this car has come a long way from when i first bought it. since the old work horse that was in the car decided to comit suicide by droping 2 valves into the cylinder I opted to swap it out to a 2.4 DOHC out of a 06 chrysler sebring. So here is a small run down on the current mods on the car


    06 chrysler sebring 2.4 DOHC.
    srt4 street ported intake manifold moded to work with auto transmission.
    full stock srt4 exhaust.
    custom cold air intake.
    extrnal transmission cooler.
    ford mustang gt 5.0 injectors.
    stock srt4 fuel pump.


    stock srt4 struts on eibach sportline springs.
    stock srt4 front and rear sway bars.
    front and rear apc strut bars.


    full black interior swap.
    viper srt4 front and rear seats.
    srt4 steering wheel and shifter boot.
    pt cruiser automatic shifter.
    mopar passenger air bag delete tray.
    ACR radio delete plate.
    lighted rear view mirror and sun visors.
    o-shit handle roof liner with out sun roof option.


    tinted tails.
    tinted third brake light.
    tinted side markers.
    ACR BBS 16x7 wheels


    LSP cubby hole cool white led light board.
    LSP dome light cool white led light board.
    LSP lic plate cool white led light board.
    currently working on putting my morimoto mini h1 retrofit together.

    for now this is whats done to the car i have toons more parts that i have ben collecting over time that i havent really found motivation to put them on lol

    I have a Mopar lip kit that i will be installing once i get the hood, bumper and fender painted to match here is what the car looks like

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    i have no friends so i just sit all day in my garage and hug my neon

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    All that work for a neon...

    When you could have just saved up and bought an srt4. Not a flame. But in all honesty, I didn't know kids were hooking up neons. I thought they were throw away cars like the cavalier and focus.

    Either way at least it looks decently better than what you normally see (faded paint, cracked bumpers, purple tint, ect)


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      Sorry but it still looks like a crappy stock neon.

      Also why the name "srtjesse" when you don't own an SRT??
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        ^ lol that's jacked up.

        Maybe that's all she could afford


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          well he did some good work on the car. its a sleeper kinda? lol
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            I'm only a few parts shy of completing a 400hp sleeper srt so this way i reep the benefits of a srt4 with good ol cheap neon insurance hehe this is why i opted to build a neon vs buying a srt this way i can say i built it not bought it
            i have no friends so i just sit all day in my garage and hug my neon


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              Ill believe the 400hp motor when I see it.


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                Oh ok yeah I'll make sure you are the first one i call once its done
                i have no friends so i just sit all day in my garage and hug my neon


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                  Even if you get 400hp it will still be in a neon......


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                    You're doing up an automatic neon? Why?
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                      man at least lower it ... at least another 4" ..


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                        Once i get the pieces I'm missing for the turbo build I'm going to manual swap it but for now its staying auto
                        i have no friends so i just sit all day in my garage and hug my neon


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                          Why a neon? Of all cars..


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                            yeah i thought at least with the engine swap, you wouldve done a manual. but to each their own
                            I Ride/2 Wheels


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                              King: i was going to but i still need a clutch and since i needed to get the car running right away i left it auto
                              i have no friends so i just sit all day in my garage and hug my neon