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2013 f150 "Bitchin Betty"

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  • 2013 f150 "*****in Betty"

    Realized the other day that i do not have a proper build log of this thing, bought new in may of 2013. 150k kms on it now.

    Day i brought it home
    Frontal by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr

    First retrofit, Acura TL with cbi
    IMG_2845 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr
    IMG_2840 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr

    Untitled by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr
    IMG_0700 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr
    IMG_0295 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr

    back to stock while i redid the retro
    IMG_9636 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr

    IMG_0319 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr
    IMG_0393 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr
    IMG_0251 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr
    20150520_210742 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr

    IMG_0297 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr

    and my latsest retrofit, mini d2s 5.0 with morimoto 50 bulbs and denso slim 35w ballasts. wanted to go with the dual wattage profiles but was first sent the incorrect igniters then one just would not fire the bulb at all.
    20200430-DSC07986 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr

    20200430-DSC07995 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr

    DSC09159 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr
    DSC09163 by Kevin Stuparyk, on Flickr

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    It's looked great all along, but I definitely like it now! Looks great with the blue-lens projectors to match the truck and the LEDs behind the shroud instead of on top.


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      What I'm thinking of doing is paint matching the large chrome bits of my grill and leaving the centre mesh silver. And doing my buckets paint matched with silver shrouds. See how that looks. I went with the threaded shaft and the built in clips on the shroud this go around. No jb weld used at all. Also got my billsteins installed a couple weeks ago. No pictures as i forgot lol. 6112s up front with 5100s in the back. Level and 35s is next.


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        It's an evolution... some of my retrofits change over time as well.

        The large amber region just below the OE freeform reflector; that serves as both turn signal and DRL then? It seems like a large enough area to fit a second projector, assuming there is enough clearance behind it (probably not).
        Jul 2012 ROTM (3-way quad headlight) ; Sep 2015 ROTM (custom muli-lens 7" fogs)

        3-way quad wiring; foreground limiter; squirrel finder;


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          In the trucks that did not come with hid factory the drl is the low beam. On hid equipped trucks the signal portion of the bulb is illuminated for drl. Can change all that with forscan.


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            I personally prefer the all-chrome look you started with and have going now


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              That's why I'm going with vinyl this go around with the grill. Trying a few things. I like to mix things up every year or so. Cheaper than buying a new truck every few years hahahaha. Replaced the grill a month ago after a robin decided he liked it at 100km/h.... Slowly rebuilding everything back to like new...ish after the accident i had in January where i slid sideways into a concrete k-rail. Deployed both curtain bags cracked both passenger side rims and dented the doors. And possibly buggered the steering rack. So far fixing it myself instead of taking the hit on insurance I'm down about $1500. Apparently ford changed the blue from 2012 to 2013 haha. My "new" 2012 doors are a shade different and I'm going to try wrapping them myself in a paint to match vinyl. We'll see.