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Making a controller board for my pre-bachelors project

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  • Making a controller board for my pre-bachelors project

    *I initially posted this under specific questions, but i've come to realize this possibly fits in better here*

    First of, i'm very happy that i've found this forum.
    Second, in order to eliminate any confusion, in my bachelors program for electrical engineering, we each have to select a product to develop or improve upon. We will later have the option to build further upon that for our bachelors project.

    And i have chosen to make a controller unit for car lights.

    I'm making this post in order to get advice, suggestions (for features etc.) and general input for how the final product will turn out.

    So far I have included

    6 inputs that read 12v signals.
    22 outputs that works with both 5v and 12v natively and each output supports up to 1A constant load at room temp.
    2 data outputs (My thoughts were for either connecting a secondary slave unit or to use with adressable LEDS, similar to the WS2815)
    programmable trough wire connection aswell as bluetooth

    It can be powered both with 12v and 5v.

    I have tried to add an image of the diagram thus far. It is still missing the bluetooth module.

    Thoughts? advice? ideas? suggest?

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    I opted to use a series of optocoblers to read the inputs. The system supports 12v and 24v natively.

    Each output channel supports 5A.

    V1.0 of the board design is complete and i should have the physical prototype and the components by monday.


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      You should definitely post it up once you get the prototype built. Having 5 amps per channel is great. The one I'm currently looking at is only good up to 1 amp per channel. Now, would something like this come with options/support to change programming or even order custom programming?


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        any updates on this project?
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