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    RMA'd the Osram CBH, should be on their way back today to be processed and get a new set back. Swapped out the retrofitted lamps for the stock DEPO lamps, rolling around with Halogens again... quite painful. So, next step would be taking everything apart cutting the cables of the DRL/Switchbacks and sending the pics to TRS for the RMA of the drivers (both DRL's) Also, picked up these... (In yellow) + lamin-x yellow film.

    Also, swapping out the Amber LED's where my signals use to be to white to match the DRL's. Also, had to purchase a 3.0 and 4.0 Bulb cap because the one that came with the Mini D2S broke in my hand... pretty cheap material if you ask me... didn't know I was kryptonian :P. Read some reviews on the black plastic bulb cap that is coming with the 5.0 now that it comes loose overtime...


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      After the RMA got credited by TRS for the old CBH and paid the difference for their "new" CBA bulbs. (+$30). They sent me a new set of v1 Panamera Switchback shrouds (included board, drivers and all wiring). Figured since I was opening everything up again I added some Profile Prism Demon eyes with the XBT bluetooth controller. and the LED fogs up above will be added too. The 3.0 bulb caps are actually waaaaaaaaaay better than the 4.0 and 5.0's IMO... locks tight and no bulb movement, I don't understand how there could of been a need to change the cap type.

      I've been suffering as of late with these halogen bulbs.... eyesore..


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        So, I after RMAing the CBH for CBA bulbs the bulbs were experiencing the same issues... flickering and having a hard time to stay on. TRS initially said it was the ballasts but I tested the fog ballasts too and ruled that out when the CBH's worked fine. Last night after I got everything together I was having the same issues with both sets of ballasts... I ended up narrowing it down to the Morimoto Relays... connected directly to the car and it's working perfect now lol... EVerything is in working order now swapped out the amber deleted signals for white ones and the XB LED fogs looking good too.

        Morimoto XB LED Fogs

        Fixed lamps projection is so sexy!

        The glare you see is at the cutoff line. No glare above it.

        I'll take more of the updated front soon...