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    Alright, the long endeavor has come to an end (hopefully). Finally fixed the rotational alignment and the issue with the projectors aiming too low. Saturday I started the "surgery" but I had to abandon the car mid Saturday because the family wanted to go to Disney World... O.o So, I sucked it up and said, "sure.... let's go..." Come back Sunday and continued where I left off and didn't finish till Tuesday due to curing time.

    So in a nutshell, the PS lamp's JB Weld Quikset (Clear) wan't withstanding the temperatures of up to 140F (estimated via google search) The package never indicates how much heat it can hold so, there was never any way to determine how much heat it could hold. The projector became loose (PS only) and both had the issue of aiming lower than what they were suppose to. Also, upon removing everything again I came up with some snags being that the adhesive started to run up the locking nuts and the bulb nut and made things tough to remove. While removing everything the shroud took some abuse so I had to repaint them.

    All in all the cut off and alignment are waaaaaaaaaaaaay better, not perfect but acceptable... only problem I'm seeing that there is a dark spot between the two cutoff step (the middle). It's noticeable but can be ignored(get use to). Seems like it's a common occurrence with both the Mini D2S line and Mini H1 projectors.

    Original JB Weld 24hr curing (4-6hr setting time @ 80F) (Max 600F it could withstand)

    Changed my filter while I was at it, since I had the bumper and lamps off even with a tarp covering everything the rain finally did the filter in.

    Changed and hydroshield

    You'll see the different steps on the projected line where the dark spot it, but WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than stock and better than where I had it.

    The cutoff is ridiculously sharp.... maybe too sharp.

    The camera doesn't do it justice due to the ambient light so the blinkers can be barely seen as opposed to seeing it with your eyes they pop out a lot.

    Comparison to the wife's stock projectors


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      I did have the liberty Sunday to wash the car (finally the rain let up a bit) and yesterday (Monday) I did a mini photoshoot... it was rushed but whatever. It was so clear I wanted to take advantage of some shots but the 5PM sun was unforgiving so editing was done here and there.