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Quad retrofit on 16 Mazda 6

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  • Quad retrofit on 16 Mazda 6

    Basically did a quad Bi Led retrofit on a 2016 Mazda 6 Touring using the 3.0 NHK Bi LED and the 2.5 Sanvi Bi LEDs

    I have them both wired up to run together as lows and highs and also they are separate where the NHKs can be low only(based on weather conditions and if its too much glare in certain areas)

    Painted the inside of them matte black and kept some chrome accents. Also kept the reflector amber for an OEM look

    I used Diode dynamics halos and strips. Used the 80mm for the Sanvi projectors and the 90mm for the NHKs. I have them cut less than 20% and mounted at a slant for looks (went for the new 2021 Mazda 3 tails). Then I have an accent strip 6in above the parking light (Diode dynamic hp24 amber only). They are all wired to function as DRLs (Full brightness) then parking(50% brightness) and as turning signal (150% brightness)

    Lastly I used one of the new shrouds morimoto released I believe its called the SL-1M for the Sanvi projectors.


    This retrofit was such a pain (overall worth it)

    Used D2S 5.0 to G5R brackets to mount the NHKs