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Koito Bi-LED 2.0 in 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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    Originally posted by Crossgolf View Post
    Awesome thread. This is going to be a nice retrofit. keep us posted.

    On a similar high siting truck with the same strict reactions I convinced a friend to retrofit the fog lights. They were the same hight hight as low beams on most cars and it worked really well.
    Thank you!
    I almost pulled the trigger on some sealed bi-xenon Hella lights. Space is even tighter at the fog lights and when I switch to off-road tires, the corners with the foglights have to come off. I will install some LED off-road lights in place of the some point

    Originally posted by NoodleFace View Post

    Wouldn't this work and eliminate the need for a switch?
    It would be ideal if I wouldn't want to turn them off during daytime driving and yearly inspection.

    The re-wire is complete and working. Next: epoxying the mounting panels to the bowls.


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      I am pretty sure the one I gave you doesn't turn on the LED low beam with the DRLs, unless your parking lights do turn on with DRLs at daytime.

      Here's what I did to trace the output

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      2006 Grand Vitara 3dr
      Projector swap: MH1 7.0, XB35, XB 4500K, custom wiring
      CAD designed adapter plate, manual leveling motors

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        Point of no return, finally (mounting plate partially epoxied to the bowl)

        Driver's side wiring, with the high-beam and low-beam connection for the changeover relay

        Passenger side wiring, only the LED power is extra


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          Rear cover for one side done, just needs to be epoxied in place:

          I might use the trusty glue-gun to seal around the wires though.


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            Left side goes in the oven tomorrow, then all that's left is to glue the rear covers and start driving.


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              Rear covers are glued in place:


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                All done.


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                  I had an unfortunate accident with the left side headlight, the cover and part of the rear melted in the oven, as they contacted the oven wall and I left it too long, so I had to use the spare cover and spare backside.
                  The difference in light because of the glass is huge:

                  The diffusion because of the bad glass cover is visible here too, on the left wall, even more on the LED shot:

                  Turns out the left height adjuster was way off (4 inches lower than the right at 18 feet).

                  After I polish the left cover I'll try to take more pictures.


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                    It's a world of difference after polishing the headlight

                    Height is adjusted correctly now:

                    And a high-beam shot:

                    White balance is off compared to other pics, as I learned how to set the phone to keep the ISO and exposure the same.


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                      Great work, I'm glad you got it done. Looks like it was a pain in the butt at some points but you pulled through.
                      Give us some road shots if you get the time.
                      2006 Grand Vitara 3dr
                      Projector swap: MH1 7.0, XB35, XB 4500K, custom wiring
                      CAD designed adapter plate, manual leveling motors

                      How to use Imgur to embed photos


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                        It was the longest project I did on this car, lots of tiny things to get through. It took even longer than making a custom transmission crossmember or installing locking differentials.

                        I'm very happy with the light output, I'll definitely post more pictures when I find darker locations


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                          Great to see the finished project. Enjoy your new lights they look really good.
                          Subaru Outback retrofit:
                          License plate lights with dual brightness:


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                            Thank you
                            With the current restrictions and expansion of infections I won't get to drive as much as I'd like to.


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                              After driving some more and adjusting the height so as not to blind others (I had to go a little under 1.25% slope as specified on the headlights), I'm very happy with the setup.

                              Another plus is that the road markings are much more visible.

                              I've messed up the sealing, after a car wash they fogged up slightly, so I took out the plastic cover, removed the permaseal and filled up the space with butyl tape. Seems to be fine.

                              One quick comparison shot on the road:

                              Stock halogens:

                              LED's on low-beam:

                              LED's on high-beam:


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                                Nice job! Where did You get a Koito 2.0?