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2003 Mazda 6 side markers.

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  • 2003 Mazda 6 side markers.

    ​Hey everyone. I've been out of doing anything with LEDs for a while up until recently. Now that my car is paid off, I have a little bit more of a budget for her lol. I ordered up some cheap aftermarket side markers to cut open and give it some flair. They started out as chrome but that soon would change. First order of business was to get them open and get my board dimensions.

    Once I had this, I was ready to start drawing out what kind of design I wanted. With not having much room, I thought that simple was best.

    With the design was ready, I gave the housings a bleach bath and cut out the boards to mount the LEDs on from some plexiglass. Once I knew that the boards would fit into the lenses, I drilled the holes for the legs and hit the backs with flat black paint. For the front of the boards, I used reflective black tape. This would give a cool silver effect when the side markers are hit by direct light. Gotta stay somewhat dot legal lol. Once everything was dry, it was time to populate with some CREE P4 ambers.

    Everything was going so smoothly. Nothing like doing simple once and a while lol. Now that all the soldering was done, it was time to secure the bards to the housings. I had drilled 4 small holes in both the housings and the boards and used some black plastic coated wire to twist on the boards. Sealed it all back up using some rtv and hit it with 1 final coat of paint on the outside of the lenses. This gave me an even more of a blacked out look. In the test, I was running them at 12v but the arrays are designed for 9v (will have regulators on the car).

    I'm happy with the way they turned out. Once the car gets painted black, I think it would look that much better.

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    Nice job, looks good! Don't see stuff like this much anymore


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      Thanks GC!! I never got to do much for my Eclipse before I got rid of it. I still had 3 full tubes of the Cree ambers lol. I'm just getting started on the Mazda so I'll be posting more.


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        I like it. Are you going to do matching rears?
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          I do plan on doing the tail lights and the lower rear bumper lights. I'm wanting to finish up with the front 1st and work my way back. I just got the side markers in today and all wired up. Pics to come tomorrow so I can get day and night pics.


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              So, I need to learn how to get better night shots on my phone but you can get the gist of the output lol.



              Here is a goodish shot of how wide the markers shine.

              They are being regulated at 9v at about 30% duty cycle for the run. I do have them wired as duel brightness and have them tapped into the turn signals. I think I could even turn them down a little bit more but not much with the pwms that I used (cheap ebay).