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Koito Bi-LED Retrofits

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  • Koito Bi-LED Retrofits

    I stumbled on a pair of these in some busted headlights in a 2017 Prius in the salvage yard (which happens to be where I work ). Doing some searching I see there's info out there on them, but not a whole lot of retrofits done it would seem.

    So basically the point of this thread is, if you've retrofitted them, please post pics and some details! More so looking at how they're looking in headlight assemblies that didn't have projectors to begin with, and what you did for shrouds, etc. I'm probably going to try to use these in some headlights that I'm about to put together for my mother's 2013 F150, which has PLENTY of room inside. Was originally going to go with Morimoto D2S's for them, but I'm really digging the OEM nature of these Koito assemblies, and being a little larger might look a little better, filling up some of the space inside the larger truck headlight.

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    Why create a new thread when you can simply scroll down and look at the build threads in this section?


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      Here are two retro threads:


      You'll probably just use the same method for installing as you would a non-threaded shaft xenon projector.


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        Super helpful, and yeah those two were the only ones I found, which is why I was hoping some other's would chime in that have retro'ed them...

        I did just stumbled on the link in the Tundra thread about the ZKW-R clear lens swap which is super helpful since both lenses on these I have are scuffed up
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