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Mystery Bi-LED projector on ebay

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  • Mystery Bi-LED projector on ebay

    Does anybody have an idea what car these came out of?

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    New Dodge Ram.

    But they are missing the LED drivers. Despite them being able to be powered with 12 volts.

    Plus there is something off with the low beam. I have these exact ones and something is missing. Just can't figure out what.

    If I were you I would pass on them.


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      How is the beam with the proper drivers? And do you have good dimensions for them?


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        I do not have the driver. This headlight is still too new to find any on ebay (driver separated).

        Both projectors work in unison to create the low and high beam. And both need to be mounted to the original lamp frame so that the beams are pointing at the correct precise angles to create the full beam pattern.

        This seller does not have that frame. Nor the driver. He is just selling the projectors by themselves. Which makes these LED modules about as useful as paper weights.

        Don't make the same mistake I did when i bought them.


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          OK, understood. Thanks!