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1962 Cadillac complete LED Retro 360

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  • 1962 Cadillac complete LED Retro 360

    Hey guys,
    Figured I'd share one of my recent projects I did for a local guy. Project is a 1962 Caddy. He's doing a Complete retro, and wanted every single incandescent light bulb around the car gone.
    Easy enough. I created Drop-in, fully removable/serviceable LED boards and accessories from 3d Printed designs. I think this resource is the future of retro'ing. The material it uses is a super though high temp fused nylon plastic and hopefully should last a lifetime.

    I started with the upper tail lights. The iconic 60's caddy fins. I wanted it to be bright, but still sleek and match the lines of the light.SOS
    I decided on 3 strips. Left, right, center, all in a vertical pattern. The run ~60% output via PWM for running lights. Output 100% on brake.

    It was designed to press fit into the red lens, and that it does.

    I could have kicked the angle out a tad on the side strips.. maybe next time.

    These are crap ones have been on B/O for a while....

    THis is my favorite view of them. The rear center LED strip is perfectly aligned with the lens "V" and being offset back a little makes for a very smooth light pattern

    I did the sides solely for side visibility at night. The led's are very directional with this design, plus 3 look badasss

    THe next light is the lower square one. I think it was just a turn/reverse factory. Regardless, it's going to now be; running light, brake light, turn, and reverse

    First trial:

    Looks good. Was perfect Until I realized there cant be any strips directly centered.. the chrome bezel surround covers it anyway.

    Much better:

    Bolts to OEM holes too.

    Ya ya, another shit lens..good ones aren't here yet.
    But you get the idea

    Running/brake lightplus the top fins)


    And reverse: surprisingly bright ...

    MOving to the front of the car is the front side turn markers. These are amber color only. Such a large housing for just a turn signal.
    But that's how old American muscle was bigger and better.
    This was tricky matching the arc of the lens, plus the overall shape. I also wanted the lights to match the flowo of the lens.

    Originally was going to do every other section..but that would be insanely bright AND expensive

    Left and Right

    Cable entry coupler. CEC. Had to plug that huge stock bulb hole somehow. Printed one out.
    MESO customs

    These are ALSO on a PWM. They illuminate ~50% output for running lights, and will always pass though 100% output for turn signal.

    Then comes the front lower turn signal. What an odd placement from Cadillac. It's like the had a rectangle hole left over after the grill design and just threw in a light bucket there.
    The goal for these were to retain turn signal capabilities, but run it as a DRL as well.

    I found Moritmoto's "MOD-POD" and after some measurements settled on a tripple pack per light. Props to Andrew @ TRS for hookin' it up

    The Pods are white for DRL/ switchback to amber for turn. And have a unique "HEX" body (that actually worked out as anti-rotation )

    Lights in the bucket.

    A matching nut (3/4-24) holds the array in very well.

    Wired up and though a hole down the center(internals will get RTV sealant)

    Center one hitting the sweet spot

    That's it for now guys...

    It's almost ready for the lights. Engine just got up and running.. I'll update some pics installed. Painted candy apple MMMmmmmmmm

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    This is amazing, can't wait to see the final result! wow.

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      Holy crap I can't wait to see the car!
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        Wow, extremely impressive work!


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          This is just amazing


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            Yeah I'm in for more pics and updates, I love custom work like this! Interested to see pics of it all installed, and future projects


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              Thanks guys.
              The car is close to being done..trying to get it finished for Autorama. It is BADASS. (LS7 crate, candy apple paint). I'll be sure to update


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                In for pics and video as well. Did you do the printing yourself, or hire it out? Either way, outstanding job


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                  Originally posted by ak_cowboy View Post
                  In for pics and video as well. Did you do the printing yourself, or hire it out? Either way, outstanding job
                  I did the design and print myself. We have a HP Jet fusion printer at work that's fun to play on


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                      This is some good sex. wow
                      all this work makes me feel about myself from dinosaurus ages.
                      My feedback thread


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                        keep ur good job up
                        i really enjoyed it


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                          Subbed for more car porn.
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                            Car is entered into Autorama and I'll get some pictures of it this weekend!


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                              Originally posted by bmxpert57 View Post
                              Car is entered into Autorama and I'll get some pictures of it this weekend!