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  • Question about wiring

    I plan on wiring the headlights on my 93 GMC up using relays so I get better voltage / amps to the lights and get better brightness.... Plan on doing this for the hi-beams as well... but my question is

    I plan on wiring up a set of 100watt off-road long-range lights to the high beams. Should I also run it on a relay to, or would it be fine off one relay for the high beams?

    Should I do one relay for each light, or one relay for low, one relay for hi (one for off road lights?)

    Does autozone / O'rielys sell decent relays?

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    You have to run one one relay for low, and one for high beam. I would use an additional relay for your off road lights. While the engine is running, they will draw roughly 7.5 amps per light, so you will be fine on one relay for the pair. Any relay from a parts store will do fine. Just make sure you install in a location that will keep it out of the water.