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Attn: Tacoma owners/LED turn signal problem

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  • Attn: Tacoma owners/LED turn signal problem

    Alright, so I did a retrofit for a customer several months ago. His factory headlights had the lens burned from the DRL/turn signal bulb, so I offered to replace it with an LED bulb in the new housing to avoid heat damage in the future. The bulbs here stay on as drls during the day, but flash with the turn signals. TRS didn't have CK bulbs yet, so I got a pair from superbrightleds. Of course we had hyperflash, and I didn't want the resistors to be hot all the time during DRL operation, so I installed resistors at the rear turn signal. After this DRL's functioned normally, and the signals would flash at the normal rate.
    Three months later the customer called and said the front signals would work at first but stop working after driving for a while. I had him bring it in, and found that the resistance was too high, and causing the signals not to flash at all sometimes. I removed the resistors, and did the flasher mod that a lot of Tacoma owner have done. I took out the flasher module, and ground down the resistive loop on the board until I got the right flash rate where I wanted it. Put it back together and tested for several hours. Problem solved, and I sent the truck out right?

    Another month has passed, and he calls telling me that the signals are back to not working again. They will work fine at first, and then after driving for 30 minutes or so, they will hyper flash, and turn off completely. I've never had an issue like this with LED signals. I know temps can change resistance, but not enough to cause such a wide fluctuation. I am now tempted to swap the bulbs for another LED set to see if they may be the cause of the problem. Any ideas?

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    sounds like a good game plan.. many led bulbs aren't rated for constant turn signal output, so it wouldn't be very surprising if the bulbs were overheating
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