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Nissan 350z Wiring help!

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  • Nissan 350z Wiring help!

    Car: 2003 Nissan 350z

    Headlights: Retrofitted 2006+ Bi Xenon 350z headlights.

    Issue: Left headlight wont turn on.


    The 2003 350z uses a hybrid xenon reflector/projector. As a result most people switch to the 2006+ model which runs a bi-xenon projector. I recently had the headlight retrofitted by Zleds out of Texas. Work done: painted shroud, iron man halo, boomerang led etc.

    When installed the left headlight refuses to turn on.

    Trouble shooting done:
    - Brand new TRS Morimoto bulbs
    - Newer Matsushita ballasts are known to not like aftermarket bulbs so I got a bunch of gen 3/4 ballasts and tested all of them on the right headlight to make sure that they were compatible.
    - I have 3 igniters that I also rotated to make sure that they work.
    (According to Sam from Zled, as long as the above 3 component are in working order then the headlights itself shouldn't be the issue)
    - I also tried plugging the left headlight into the right side. Both headlights work on the right side but NOT on the left.
    - We thought it must be the harness then so we hooked up a 2003 set of headlights I had kicking around and the left side WORKED. (but still not the 06+ set)

    After 3 hours of tinkering, I gave up and put everything back together. I drove it off and the left headlight magically decided to work. Once in a while it would go out again and then come back after a while. As of yesterday however, it hasn't come back on.

    I'm really terrible at electrical work but these are the possible issues that I can see:
    1. Grounding issues
    2. Very old battery, Perhaps not enough power?
    3. The separate harness for the iron man halo, led's etc are not hooked up yet, perhaps it's throwing everything off?
    4. The harness on the car is 8 pin whereas my newer headlights are 7 pin.

    Another trouble shooting method that Zled's told me was to WD40 the connection pins... is this safe?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated... This is driving me nuts...
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      Sounds like a ground, or connector issue to me. This is what I found on another forum about swapping headlights on this car.

      (i havent started on mine but lets see if we can figure this out.
      You will cut the 8 pin off the head light... that will leave you with 7 wires

      Red Fat - Positive to ballast.
      Black Fat - Negative to ballast
      Skinny black - Common Ground for accessories lights
      Light Green - Positive High beam actuator
      Green/White Stripe - Positive for 4LEDs and corner running light

      That leaves solid blue and solid green... which runs to the same bulb. One is a running light(on when the headlights are on) and one is a brighter blinker. I forgot which is which but i dont use the running light. You can, but i think it looks cleaner without it. Power a 12 volt source to black and blue or green to tell which one is brighter. Also, i think because i disconneted one it made my blinker blink fast... but i kinda liked... helps since i switch lanes so fast
      edit (blue is the blinker + , i didnt use solid green.)

      Now.. your 6 pin harness... cut that off your old headlight... leave as much wire as you can.

      You will have:
      Red - Low beam positive ..... goes to Fat Red- powers ballast
      Black - Low beam negative - goes to Fat Black powers ballast
      Light blue - high beam +... goes to light green - high beam actuator
      Green/black stripe - Blinker +... goes to green or blue... whichever is brighter.
      Green/White - Running light... goes to Green/White
      Skinny black - common ground to skinny black

      8 Pin--------------6 Pin-------------------------Function
      Fat Red------------Fat Red-------------------- Ballest +
      Fat Black----------Fat Black-------------------Ballest -
      Skinny Black-----Skinny Black---------------Common Ground
      Green/White -----Green White---------------LED/Corner running lights
      Green Black------Nothing or Green/White -- Blinker running light
      Light Green ------Light Blue------------------High beam +
      Blue/Black--------Green Black---------------Blinker +)