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Audi A3 wiring harness help!

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  • Audi A3 wiring harness help!

    Hi Guys,

    I was after a bit of info on a wiring harness if anyone could help?

    I have finally decided (persuaded the wife!) to retrofit my new A3 with TRS lights!!

    Now I have dabbled in the retrofitting before by putting a set of cheep Chinese Ebay projectors into an E46 BMW. I was young and immature and didn't know any difference but to be fair they worked well and looked OK!

    Now I'm a bit older and wiser I have gone for it! I've ordered :-
    Bi-xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III (D2S)
    Compatible Ballasts
    2 x Morimoto XB55 (50W)
    Ballast Igniters (Required)
    2 x Morimoto XB Igniter (D2S)
    D2S HID Bulbs
    2 x D2S: XB 5500K
    Shroud Style (Preference)
    2 x Apollo 2.0 Flat
    Harness (Match stock bulb size)
    2 x Canbus: H7
    LED Halos
    2 x 100mm XSB Switchback
    Headlight Sealant
    1 x Black: RetroRubber
    High Beam Splitters
    2 x H7 Male > H7/9006 Female

    Can't wait being delivered in the next couple of days!

    I am aware that I cant just connect these up to the standard loom as they will destroy the windscreen wiper motor. The harness I have ordered is the Canbus one but I cant quite understand how this will cancel out bulb warning lights?
    If i connect the harness up to the battery and then 1 side of my car lights to the new harness, what happens to the other car light cable?? Do I plug in a canbus module and then leave that not plugged in to anything? Or will the harness come with plugs for both sides of the original car wiring??

    Hope this makes some sort of sense! I will try and do a guide for A3 owners when done as well!

    Many thanks,


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    8p I take it?


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      Originally posted by Trups View Post
      8p I take it?
      Sorry, yes. 2005 2.0 TFSI Quattro Sportback :-)