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TRS 9006 relay quirk

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  • TRS 9006 relay quirk

    So a year ago, last April, I did a D2S 3.0 kit with XB35 bulbs. Everything went smooth until my 5fives lives coaxed me into a set of Densos.
    Up until today there wasn't a single problem after the Densos were put in.
    Today when I fired up the car in the garage to take my son home, I noticed the passenger light out.
    I joked about how I freaked out for 2 months when the Morimotos cashed in.

    Five/ten minutes later I noticed, in a bumper reflection, it was back on,,,,,,normal color and the whole deal. No pink, no flicker...full strength.
    After I dropped him off, it was off.......5 minutes later back, long enough to pull in the garage , get out and wait for it to go out.

    I got it to fire once with a on/off cycle after a few tries.

    I decided to swap the relay packs around and it fired up consistently, 5-6 times.
    Can anyone offer a suggestion about the relays?
    Bad seating issue?

    They did feel very warm for a relay, I would think a switch shouldn't produce that much heat.

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    Corrosion in relay sockets or intermittent bad ground?


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      Originally posted by spazzz View Post
      They did feel very warm for a relay, I would think a switch shouldn't produce that much heat.
      Relays will get hot. Not because of the current flowing through them but because of the electromagnet that actually activates the switch. Most of the size of the realy is taken up by the coil for the electromagnet.
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        Thanks guys.
        I only used them a couple times since Friday and it fired up, no problem.
        The relay contacts looked out of the bag new when i switched them around.
        When I did the grounds last year, I scraped to bare metal, then fine tuned with sand paper. I tried with a small wire brush to get inside the threads.
        Then used dielectric grease and new bolts.
        The grounds are on my bumper support. I don't really think the ground is suspect.

        The bulb acted like a high pressure sodium dying......does that happen with HID headlight bulbs when they are almost toast?

        I emailed TRS Friday, so probably by Monday or so I will get some feedback.
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          well that edit failed.

          Meant to say the headlights were only on for a minute but fired up.....can they die like a high pressure sodium when they cycle on/off?
          Tomorrow on the drive to work I will turn them on manually and do some tailgating to watch the reflection.


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            Thought I would update.
            Looks like the swap worked. Drove 2, 20 minute trips and all was well.
            But now, I really have the itch to ditch the Densos for some XB55s. I really miss the longer throw of the 50 watts