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RGB COB LED wiring help!

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  • RGB COB LED wiring help!

    I need, and would GREATLY appreciate, some quick assistance with wiring my new RGB COB halos. Quick background: My 13 Mustang lights were retrofitted with some COB V1 (full circle) and COB V2 (Semi-circle) halos among other things. I took them apart to upgrade some of the components and, like and idiot, i broke a cardinal rule for any type of deconstruction....I forgot to label the wires! This normally wouldnt have an issue if the original retrofitter would have used the normal red,blue,green,black 4-lead wiring instead of all white! SO...obviously, I guessed incorrectly with the wires when trying to re-wire them to my controller and POOF! They burned out! FMLI do want to add, for what its worth, that the COB halos did originally come pre-wired (from the retrofitter) to a IR small white controller like this one..
    and that I did attempt to hook them up to an RF controller like this one..
    Ok so,I finally got the new pairs in today really dont want to make any mistakes wiring these bad boys! My background is not in electronics other than the basic knowledge ive gotten from great message boards such as this please bear with me. I do know that with the COBs, there is a little black box that hooks up between the rings and the controller (which I did originally when I burned them out). The black boxes come with 2 obvious RGB connects and one side has a RED and BLACK is where my question lies..The box shown here is the one that was hooked up to the original halos (that worked fine originally) but burned out during the re-wiring mishap (notice that only the black wire was used as a Ground wire and the red was obsolete)...
    And here is the new box that came today..

    My question is, since I am not hooking these up back to a shitty IR controller, Do I need to hook the Red wire up to a power source (+) as well as ground the black wire (-)? OR do I need to hook it back up how the original working pair came to me wired to the IR controller and use ONLY the black wire as a ground (-) and tuck away the red? AND is there a way that I could maybe test out the wires safely before hooking it all up to a 12v source?

    Sorry for the long and confusing question guys but I would GREATLY appreciate any advise you can give me in the matter!!!
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    i believe you need to connect it how it was connected before. i don't know how else the halo's would get power. that said, i'm not the most familiar with rgb setups to be in-the-know on all the parts that they use...
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      I literally did this same swap the other day.

      Connected the red and black from the black boxes to the same source you're getting the positive and negative from to power the white module.
      Then connect four wires from the black boxes (R G B & bl) to the output terminals on the white box and you will be good to go.

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