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"independent" high beam ?

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  • "independent" high beam ?

    hello every one, i am new on this forum, i have a 2014 i20, i am instaling an HID kit for my high beam, but on i20 models when i pulll the light stalk towards me to light on the high beams, the low beams also turns on. i am asking if there is a way to "separate" hi and low beam so they won't light on together??
    can it be done juste by cutting the correct wire from the light connector under the steering wheel? use relays?


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    No need to post the same exact thing in three forums. Deleted the others.

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      emm i just wanted to have a quick answer to my question :/


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        One way would be to put relays on each headlight's wiring. Normally closed configuration. In other words tap into your stock highbeam wires and put them on terminals 85 and 86. wire the low beam positive on terminal 30, and 87a. your low beam circuit will always be connected until the high beam activates the coil on your relays. This will cut the power to the low beam.
        This will not play well with any bulb checking/canbus if on your car, but it will get the desired result.
        Generally it wouldn't be a good idea to run a dedicated HID bulb in your high beam though. The constant on/off from switching beams will wear out your bulbs much faster.