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OEM Bixenon with adaptive solenoid - where high beam signal?

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  • OEM Bixenon with adaptive solenoid - where high beam signal?

    Hi guys,

    I registered few days ago and today a special question came up in my mind.
    I drive an Opel Insignia (known as 2010 Buick Regal in the US) that came stock with Bixenon without any halogen support.

    As I am planning to retrofit the so far missing foglights and just stumbled across the Morimoto Matchbox I decided to go the xenon route to have foglights as well as an additional set of high beams. (I'm quite aware, that I probably won't get much additional light output due to having OEM Bixenon with Osram CBIs already, but I am doing it for two reasons: First for the sake of finally doing my very first retrofit and second I use the high beam flash a lot in germany to give way to other cars on intersections. In the dusk a lot of people don't notice the little upward-move of the main beam, so an additional pair of high beams might help with that. Atop of 200kmh they might come in handy too )

    Now comes the tricky part:
    My stock bixenon doesn't work with a standard on/off solenoid. Instead it has a freeform module, that allows to be switched into several forms (for example the car uses a wider beam, with a lower distance during slow speeds in the city whereas on the highway above ~60mph the system switches to a narrower but longer beam and boosts the ballast output a little (very cool hehe), google "Opel AFL+" if you're interested). While all these features are really nice, it prevents me from a simple thing: Getting a simple on/off signal for times, wenn the indicator stalk is set to highbeam, which I would like to use to switch the solenoid in the matchboxes.

    Do you guys have any idea how to get such a signal?
    The car is obviously equipped with the omnipresent CAN-Bus. Are there any modules available, that read that kind of information from the bus and translate it into a electric signal?
    Any other tricks?

    Thank you very much in advance, every piece of input is appreciated.

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    That sounds pretty complicated. Honestly, I would just go the easy route and run a completely new switch for the halogen high beams.


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      I was reading and damn thats awesome lighting but has a lot of working parts


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        I want to see a video of this


        Found one

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          I think that would get really annoying lol


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            That's pretty cool, but yeah when he turned the wheel left and right, then left and right and etc that was a bit whacky.

            And yeah, sounds like having a separate switch would be a easier/nicer idea. Unless you can tap off the high beam switch to trigger a relay or something.
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              What you see in the above video is just the curve lighting. Obviously it goes bonkers if you do fast slalom steering like the guy does at the beginning of the video.

              @Michelin Man: it is not stated in the video but the car has a button for a Sport mode, that (next to stiffen up suspension & steering and altering the gas pedal behavior) makes the curve lighting acting quicker as you race through tight winding backroads. Maybe he had that mode enabled.

              For a more enlightening insight (pun intended) see this video
              Although it doesn't come with any real output footage it shows the different modes of operation very well.
              I can say from my own experience, that the switches between the modes aren't that recognizable that they get annoying. Only the switch between the two brightness modes when you enter/leave the highway is pretty obvious.

              Back to my problem. My ride is probably not the usual retrofit vehicle. But nevertheless there must be a solution on how to get a highbeam on/off signal, as I already saw swedish Insignias with the everpresent Swedish extra highbeams ("extraljus") mounted.

              Lord's solution regarding installing a separate switch is unfortunately not an option for me as I want them to light up everytime my highbeams are on.

              The easiest thing would be a can bus module, that taps anywhere into the canbus (which consists of 2 wires that are available all throughout the car, I would prefer somewhere under the hood/bonnet) and switches a 12v + signal whenever can bus says "Highbeams on" or "highbeams off".

              Aren't there any canbus experts present here in the forum?
              There must be some people with OEM bixenon on here that have aux lights as well... *knockonwood*


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                I have 2 of these projectors on my shelf-
                There is a microswitch in the stepper module that appears to be activated with high beam- maybe you could use that as a mean to drive a relay?
                Actually, instead of a shield, there is a drum like contraption which rotates giving step, flat and high beam cut off.


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                  Now that's good news!
                  I suppose you only have the projectors? So you probably can't tell me wether this microswitch is available through one of the pins of the connector cable...

                  How is this switch actuated? Does any part of the "drum like contraption" touch it while rotating? Or is it more a relay-type of a switch, that is switched by the controler module?


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                    Yes, rotating drum activates the switch detecting "high beam" state.
                    I don't recall the switch being available through the pins- however there is a stepper motor in projector along with whole lot of electronics (I assume stepper motor driver etc) -> therefore I assume that the switch is not available through the pins.

                    When i get home (around 24th) I can make you photos of the board if you wish (and the whole projector)


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                      I have a problem like yours but in a reverse direction.
                      you were trying to tap signals from while Im trying to tap signals to.
                      i have mb w212 bx projector which has got the same so called highbeam assist function.


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                        Anyone figured this out yet?


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                          I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but my way to go would be this box:
                          It is a CAN-Bus-Box, that detects the highbeam-Signal in the CAN-Bus and provides a simple on/off signal on the other side.
                          The manufacturer unfortunately only sells to business buyers. He doesn't require any minimum order quantity, but it's a hassle nevertheless. Probably your local car dealer can order it from there. Be aware though, mails are usually replied to by the owner of the company himself and wasn't the friendliest guy when I contacted him.

                          Business retail price was around 80€ (without tax, enquiry from and to Germany) so final enduser price for german customers would be around 95€ plus whatever your dealer bills you for the order-effort.
                          The products from CANM8 are available in a few webshops for end-customers, but the only ones I found were in scandinavia.

                          After all it's not cheap but it's the only solution I found after days and nights of googling. What I don't know at this point is how fast those modules will react. I asked the seller and he replied with the following:
                          "Once the highbeam in the car is engaged, the module detects it and activates the additional high beams." Thanks, Captain Obvious! Still nothing on detection intervals, reaction times, milliseconds, etc etc.


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                            Does the Regal GS have this? And I'm trying to find out what projectors they use (wanna replace/tweak the lenses)

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