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Motocontrol Question for high beam into H4 retro

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  • Motocontrol Question for high beam into H4 retro

    Hey all,

    Just completed MH1 retrofit into a 2012 Hyundai Tucson, which uses H4 for DRL/low/high beam. I don't get DRL, which I understand but I have a ddm H4 high/low harness and I can't get the solenoid to drop using the connectors. The solenoid's don't react at all, and the bulbs turn off when switching to high beam.
    Would replacing the ddm harness with the motocontrol solve this? Allow for the HID's to not turn off and drop the solenoid?

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    Yes the moto control harness will fix that. Although the solenoids should drop when the lows turn off with the current setup
    FXR 3.0, Osram 66240, morimoto 5five ballasts
    Matchbox projectors for hi beam, 35w 4300k
    Is300 fogs, 100w halogens
    Originally posted by phantom240
    Having spent a good many days helping my friend with his '85 300SDL, I can say that it takes balls of steel, an anus of concrete, and infinite patience to bring one of these Deutschland Demons back to life.


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      Not sure why, the connections are secure and can hear the relay click when i flick high beams on. No solenoid action at all. Not that it might matter since the bulbs turn off anyways.
      Have a capacitor/diode wiring setup ready for the DRL issue, now to get the motocontrol and see if that will solve the solenoid/high beam issue. I know the solenoids are fine, I tested them with a 9v battery again this afternoon and they engage.


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        using a good 'ol Google search string " motocontrol H4" I found this thread which answered my question. For anyone else that doesn't know, here is a diagram that will explain how this works.