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06 civic si quick wiring questions for morimoto mini h1 and xb angel eyes

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  • 06 civic si quick wiring questions for morimoto mini h1 and xb angel eyes

    okay guys sorry if this question has been asked before but i have been searching and can't find anything about this.

    Question #1:
    When I run the solenoid wires from the projector, I know i need to run them to the factory high beams to splice in to make my 4 High feature applicable, but which wire is hot and which is ground on the factory high beam?

    Question #2:
    I want my xb angel eyes to be my DRL's but I have no idea what to wire them to in order to make them turn on when the car is on and off when the car is off ( I will be disabling my factory DRL's and only running the angel eyes)

    Please help me out because thats all I have to do to complete my retro, thanks !

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    #1: Doesn't matter, solenoids have no polarity. But if you must the darker wire is usually the negative on Honda's. Otherwise get your multimeter out.

    #2: You will need to make a custom relay harness. Your trigger wire will be the ignition or the accessory wire. Since you don't have dedicated DRL's there is no way to just splice them in. Your current DRL's are your highbeams and you can't use that to simply tap into because the DRL unit sends a lower voltage to the bulbs to make them appear less bright. This will not allow the LEDs to light up.


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      Yeah just tap into either wire.. black is usually ground...

      A custom harness needs to be made so the leds are on all the time.. i just did this yrsterday on an is and i found a switch 12v uding a volt meter to see which fuse came on only with the ignition.. i only used it for a trigger not to feed power off of


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        Thanks for the replies! Tomorrow morning I will be tapping the solenoid wires into the high beam wires. For my xb's however I will be making my custom harness in a week or so because im in college and have class monday. In the mean time im going to just tap them into my parking lights so i can get some use out of them

        *Also, an important note to anyone with an 8th gen Civic you must remove fuse #37 from the interior fuse panel to disable the stock DRL's in order to run the bi-xenon projectors, otherwise the projector will always be on (high) mode.
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          you dont have to disable the fuse you can always make another harness.. ive done a few.. also you can use trs' high beam splitter so you dont have to tap into the high beam wires..