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  • no hi beam

    can someone help me out... i bought a generic h4 hid relay harness and installed it in my toyota. my hid lits up and there is no hi beam, i found out that my car is negatively switched.... now my question, can i make/convert my current relay to make it work to a ground switched system? and one more thing, my hi beam indicator doesnt work also.

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    If your high beam indicator doesn't work, it sounds like an issues on your end. Usually that works regardless.


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      i had that problem on my friends car turns out it was a simple fix of swapping the pins on the H4 connector i dont remember which one
      see if you can get the wiring diagram for the headlights to your car to find out which is lo hi n ground and swap the pins on the H4 plug on the relay harness according to that


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        i have tried swapping the pins but still no luck.... ive read some forum that all i have to add is a diode so that it will work on a ground switch system, but its still not clear to me how it works. i'm worried that if i will not get it right, i might mess the whole electrical system.


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          The worst that could happen is one or more fuses need to be replaced should some combo you try short circuits itself. My suggestion is to put voltmeter leads on the output of the harness that should connect to the ballast, and try activating the oem low beam switch/stalk until you find at least once re-pin combination that makes the voltmeter read ~+13V. Then repeat the same process for the high beam, with the voltmeter leads connected to the harness output that should go to the solenoids.

          Does the oem halogen lighting have separate high and low beam units, or is it a single bulb (with dual low/high filaments)?
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