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LED Strip Alternating Switchback Effect, with LED Switchback Signal Bulb (wite/amber) Wiring Help

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  • LED Strip Alternating Switchback Effect, with LED Switchback Signal Bulb (wite/amber) Wiring Help

    Hey guys, so I've read around the site, and found a few threads on the switchback effect: and it answers most of my questions, however...

    I have an 02 accord, and the outer marker lights are also the signal lights. They have the 3 wires to the light, Marker, Signal and Ground.
    There's a bottom strip on the headlights as well, there I have installed two LED strips. One white and one Amber in each headlight.

    I have these LED switchback bulbs: back smd.jpg
    ^They run white marker lights. These turn off when a signal is activated and the amber side blinks.
    These apparently work likea dis:

    Question, what's the best / easiest way to wire this to get to the effect 'white', 'amber', 'white', 'amber'? I would like the LED bulb and the LED strip to work together... Driving: White Signal: Amber, White, Amber, White... etc

    I have been told to wire the signal wire to the negative terminal of the light, having 2 voltage sources to the signal light and connect a relay on the marker side to divert the path of power to a ground source when the signal is activated... but I can't figure out how to set that part up... Also a capacitor will also be needed?

    If you ask yourself why would I need to do this, don't bother posting on this thread. I've done tons of homework, searching and asking around the shop, just want to make sure before i splice into my system. (No one is really sure about this at my work)

    Thanks in advance! Will check back!

    Edit: Check this short thread: Same idea here... Seems to be correct.. but what about the LED signal bulbs?
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    ok, so the bulb already does this? you just need to replicate the function for the 2 led strips, right?

    this circuit should be the easiest way to accomplish it--all it really needs is a Double Pole Single Throw relay(DPST) some automotive realys would work for this if they have a 87a terminal, but be sure to check--- i've seen some schematics for a variation that pin 87 and 87a are connected internally, and that won't work for this case. in terms of operation, this circuit will turn off the white strip whenever the amber strip is lit, but as soon as the amber strip is not lit, the white strip turns on.

    one flaw to this is that the function must be activated-- ie. driving without your parking lights on will not make the white strip turn on during signaling, but the yellow strip will work like a normal turn signal.

    what kind of led strips are you using for this? i'd recommend trying to get 5050-size led strips for something like this-- the led's are going to be bigger, so they will be brighter then many of the strips out there-- providing more useable light.
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      Close, sorry I meant this is what the bulb currently does on stock system

      Marker light: White

      Signal: White stays off and amber flashes

      I want
      Marker: White

      Signal: Amber, White, Amber, White.. (with the 2 leds, but i already know what circut to add them once I figure out how to do this)

      I got these:

      Orange and white. I hooked them up today ti painfully find out the white and 'ambers' aren't the same colour.. so just running no markers with normal signal with white led strips only.. kinda looks gay without HID (hoping the pure white on are real close to 6000K HID)
      Gotta find a new bulb with better colour... took me forever to cut these!








      Kinda shitty pictures... I dunno how I feel about them yet, I'll show more night time pics later... I just JUST put them in..
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        i think we're talking the same thing, but in different ways.

        that relay setup only turns the white led strip off whenever the amber strip emits light. if the white strip is off, the circuit will not have any visible effect(the relay will still click, but won't appear to do anything because the white strip is not getting power).
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          Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I get you.. Sounds good to me, I'll give it a try once I figure out my signal light colour dilemma

          Thanks very much for showing my that, I'll def give it a shot.



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            no problem, if all else fails, i've got plenty of other solutions up my sleeve, but none of them are as simple, so i hope this works out better..
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              Hi to all, i'm new to this forum, i have a question, if i add a capacitor like in the schematic below (2200uf 25V), in theory the white strip is always OFF when turn signal is on? Is right?
              Becaus i've tried this in my lab with 12V power supply and work, but in the car don't work as i want. (VW Golf MK5)

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                what about it doesn't work correctly on the car? you've proved that the design does work in the lab, which is helpful, just need to figure out the difference between your lab and your car
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                  Probably because is a German car! ahahah

                  Reading this thread
                  post #12 another user have the same problem....
                  I want to find the simplest and cheapest method to have DRL OFF when turn signal are ON.

                  When i put my circuit in the car and the turn signal is ON, also the DRL flashing!
                  I've tried also to change the cap (6300uF) but without differences.
                  I can't understand why won't shut OFF the DRL.
                  In my lab i've also tried with 2 separate power supply, one for simulating the parking lights and one for turn signal, with common ground, and still work.
                  In the car look like that the turn signal bypasses the cap....


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                    Has anyone figured out how to do this in the last two years? I'm planning the same thing, have an amber LED strip for the turn signal and white for running lights. I was thinking of using a 5-pin relay and pins 87 and 87A, but believe that would simply alternate white-amber-white-amber. Not the white, amber-amber-amber, white. That those fancy german cars do.


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                      Yes, it is simple. You just need a cap(usually ~2000uF) or an RC circuit(for precise timing) across the relay coil to keep the white off during the duration of the signal. There are currently no pre-made LED strips suitable for a dedicated turn signal indicator though.


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                        Great, I was hoping it was that simple.
                        This will be in addition to the factory turn signal, more for looks than functionality.


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                          Would it be possible to wire this in? or is the 10,000μF cap too big?