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H4 9007 Bi-Xenon Wiring Harness Diagram *Pics* Civics esp.

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  • H4 9007 Bi-Xenon Wiring Harness Diagram *Pics* Civics esp.

    This is for an inquiring mind... This is for a Civic or any negatively ground switched (japanese etc... ) H4 setup. It will give you low beam ballasts, and will give you a seperate trigger for your high beams, and your low beams will no longer turn off when you flash your high beams.

    This allows you to not splice any wires. However the faq and others might reccomend taping in some place else because this way, if you have your headlights off, and you "flash to pass" it will instant trigger your ballasts and your high beams... that's fine if you meant to do that, but too many times can hurt the bulb/ballast. I've never had a problem, but technically if you wanna splice in before the headlight switch that would be a better method. This works, I've done it before. enjoy.

    Now Specifically for the E46, if you have this kind of looking e46

    you have 2 wires for your solenoid. Easy, just hook them up from the diagram.

    However most people probably still have the 3 wired E46 that look like this:

    If you have this 3 wire Solenoid, you can NOT just hook up the trigger wires from your harness to 2 of the 3 wires on the solenoid... It will burn up the solenoid. You see those wierd taped things I have in the background? that's the seperate circuit you must create also to interface the 3 wires down to 2 wires off of your harness... see this thread there is a sticky:

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    So, by following your harness layout and darwins schematic for the circuit, could I hook up(refering to your harness layout below) Pin 86 and the grounds from the ballasts to the low ground on the stock h4 harness? Also, for the circuit from darwins schematic for the E46 bi xenon solenoids(below) could I hook up Pin 86 to the +12v in the H4 harness (this would be using the same +12v connection for low beams as your harness layout illistrates), then hooking up pin 30 to the high ground and put the diode between the high and low ground.

    Could I do it this way?
    Doing it this way, would everything be fully operational and would the low beams stay on when I trigger the high beams?

    Originally posted by Ocelaris
    Originally posted by darwin


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      I'm not sure I quite understand what it is you want to do... you should ignore the diagram that you quoted originally, that is for a low beam only type circuit... The diagram that I drew you above is complete...

      Pin 86 and the grounds from the ballasts to the low ground on the stock h4 harness?

      No, you must seperate the low power 86/85 coil from the Ballast ground which is high power... We are only using the H4 harness as low power.

      The idea is to transmit power directly from the battery to the ballasts. If you went through the H4 harness it would have to pass through the stock 20 gauge wiring (too low for HIDs)

      No you can not use the +12v in the H4 harness for your solenoid trigger because the ?12v in the H4 harness is powered on in low beam and in high beam, so it would always have your solenoid down.

      You do not want to connect any wires in the H4 harness to 87 or 30... just try and think of them as seperate circuits completely

      Low Current Wires:

      H4 3 wires (+12v, low ground, high ground)
      Solenoid 2 wire (+12v and ground)
      Relay terminals 85 and 86

      High Current Wires:

      Battery 2 wires (+12v and Ground)
      Relay terminals 87 and 30
      Ballast 2 wires (+12v and Ground)

      Try to think of the relay as 2 seperate parts, 85 and 86 I pair those because they're close together, they're the low power coil section. Then the 87 and 30 are "left out" as I like to think of it.

      Draw me a picture if you think I'm misunderstanding what you're saying. I know it takes a while to get the hang of all this, but it will all click soon. :-)

      You should treat Darwin's diagram as something wholey seprate from anything that I am showing you... Think of it as just 2 wires, +12v and Ground. You will provide 2 wires +12v and Ground, from your H4 harness basically, and those will interface with the 2 wires you have from the Solenoid... When you're all done with thath seperate solenoid circuit, you will have hooked up your 3 wires from your projectors red/green/black (your colors may vary) to your solenoid circuit, and then you will have 2 wires left, the +12v and ground... those wires will come from your relay/battery harness. The relays are completely seperate, you will need 1 for my diagram, and one for Darwin's diagram


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        Originally posted by Ocelaris
        No you can not use the +12v in the H4 harness for your solenoid trigger because the ?12v in the H4 harness is powered on in low beam and in high beam, so it would always have your solenoid down.

        You do not want to connect any wires in the H4 harness to 87 or 30... just try and think of them as seperate circuits completely
        I think I know why you dont understand me, all this that your talking about I was refering to Darwins schematic.

        If you look at Darwins schematic on the left side you see pin 86 going to +12v from highbeam wire in OE harness. Is this the wire that should tap into(refering to your diagram) the +12v in the H4 harness(Pin 85 to +12v)? And the ground(Pin 30) from Darwin's schematic is this the wire that goes to the High ground in the H4 harness?

        This questions that I have is off topic, I was wondering are pin 87 and 30 interchangeable because in your first diagram of the harness you have pin30 going to the positive on the battery and pin87 going to the positive of the ballasts. Now in the second diagram it's the oppisite.


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          Oh... I understand now...

          Yes. The +12V in Darwin's diagram is the same +12v from the H4 harness... However, you MUST use the high Ground fro the H4 harness as your "ground" in Darwin's drawings. Otherwise if you got ground from the battery it would trigger with low and high (because the +12v from the H4 harness comes 'on' with low and high).

          The trick is that in the H4 harness you are getting +12v in low and High beams; a ground when you are in low beams that I call 'low ground'; and a ground when you are in high beams that I call 'high ground'.

          The only "difference" between low and high is the grounds... they are mutually exclusive. However when we add the diode it allows ground to flow to your low beams, from the high ground; thus always providing a ground to the 'low ground'...

          The problem is that what a H4 harness provides for you in the high beams is only a ground... basically the opposite of what Darwin's diagram 'wants' His diagram wants a +12v, and his grounds (grey) are just universal. He assumes that the +12v is what is being switched on or off with "high beam" but in our case, only the ground is being switched... hence the name "Ground Switched".

          Like I said, try using the +12v and high ground for darwin's +12v 'trigger' and his grey ground. That should work. However, normally we would use another relay with the 87a terminal to 'reverse' the ground switch to positive switched... but that may not be necessary.

 here's the diagram for convertnig a negative trigger to a positive trigger... but you can ignore that for now until the above does not work... I think it will, but I can't think through darwin's diagram as it's drawn... so try that, and if it doesn't work, you'll need 1 more relay.


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            Hello all
            I need to wire up my E46 to my 03 CRV which has an H4 factory plug. Can someone combine the two diagram above onto one diagram?
            I have been reading these two diagram for a while and I am lost. I can't seem to figure out how to intergrate the Bi Xenon control onto the H4 diagram.

            Also what will happen with the Bi Xenon when you flash someone? With the halogen when the headlamps are on just the reg beams are on(of course) but when you pull the stick back both the low and hi are on, now when you push the stick forward to lock it into Hi only the Hi is on. So what step will the Bi Xenon goes through?
            So will the flap open partially when you flash someone? or willl it open all the way? And I guess the flap will open and stay full yopen when the the stick is locked into Hi beams?



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              credit to Mario Najera


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                Thank for the pic,
                Now my questions is, will this method burn out my solenoid?

                How can I get Darwins method, hooked up to a NEGATIVE -12 volts (from the hi beams)? Because on his digram he is askin for a POSITIVE 12V for the hi beams. My H4 is putting out a "high ground" for the Hi beams.
                Thanx All


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                  so the diode that i would need to get the high/low to work properly is 1N4001?
                  It's been a while since my last retrofit...

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                    An old thread but I did lots of searching in finding info on H4 Wire harness's

                    I'm getting a set of Projector headlights with an Audi A6 Projector fitted and was wondering if this is the kind of wire setup I would need for it? I don't think the A6 has Bi-Xenon but please correct me if I'm wrong.


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                      nope that is a pic of a Bi-Xenon wiring schematic...


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                        OK Can someone help me out? STUPID Question,
                        Where does the two Solenoid wire gets hooked up to in relation to Darwins' Diagram from the H4 diagram?
                        Darwins Diagram relay number #86 redwire is calling for a +. So does the red wire in the H4 digram mates up with this red wire?
                        Where does the green Negative Hi GROUND from the H4 digram gets hooked up to in Darwins Digram?

                        Thanx For the help.


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                          very useful ty


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                            Stop bumping old threads.

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