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Wiring Osram D3's to replace D8's

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  • Wiring Osram D3's to replace D8's

    This upgrade is to convert my 25W D8s to 35W D3s.

    So turns out this is more complicated than I anticipated. I was praying for a direct plug-and-play, turns out it is far from that. As you can see in the pictures, while they are using an Osram globe, the ballast is Valeo branded.

    Anyway, I did some continuity testing and found which two cables the two pins (on either end of the 4 slots) link to. They are earth and power signals from the car, so that is easy to splice into.

    My main question is... The D3 ballast I have has 3 input points, yet I only have the two to offer. I’d assume the one I don’t have an output for is for high beam, yet the D3 is not a BI-Xenon. I can’t find any wiring diagrams. While there are only 2 inputs coming from my car, there are still 3 outputs going to the globe, confirmed at the globe end. Not sure what that is about.

    Ignore the fact that my Ballast has 7 inputs/outputs, only the outer 2 of the 4 slows have pins.

    Side note - Does anyone know what kind of cables I need? For the input and output?

    Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.

    The input and output connector from the car which supplies power and supplies the HID coming out from the ballast -
    The ballast -
    Input and output connections on the Ballast -
    D3 ballast -