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LED Light Strips to Park Lights - Help!

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  • LED Light Strips to Park Lights - Help!

    Hi everyone,

    I recently installed LED Light Strips on my Ford Fiesta (

    When unlocking my car, it activates the park lights - therefor I figured it would be ideal to wire up directly to the park lights to give that effect while approaching car (very cool).
    No issues when the engine is off, however when engine is on with park lights, the led strips tend to switch either one at a time or both off. Park lights remain on, but strips are a no go.

    Am I making a rookie mistake (no doubt) but please if anyone has any advice, would much appreciate!

    The LED's come with a red, black and yellow cable - I have not connected the yellow to the indicator and I just want it for the white light effect.

    Red + Black are wired with the cables in the park light bulb socket.

    Thanks in advanced!