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Valeo D1S (LAD5G) Ballast w/ Morimoto D2S XB Igniter

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  • Valeo D1S (LAD5G) Ballast w/ Morimoto D2S XB Igniter

    I have OEM Valeo LAD5G ballasts mounted in my headlight housings currently. These ballasts are originally D1S (ignitor in the bulb). The problem I have, is the housings were originally designed for D2S bulbs. I cannot make the bulb spring retainer work with the larger Valeo D1S bulb on my projector housing.

    I have a set of Morimoto XB igniters and D2S bulbs laying around that will fit in the housing, with the original designed spring retainer functioning as it should.

    Does anyone have experience mixing igniter/ballasts between manufactures? My plan is to the use Morimoto XB ignitors with Valeo Ballasts. Obviously, the connector is different, so I will have to find the pinouts and remake the wiring harness.

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    I guess my other option are these:

    These appear to be OEM on Volvo's with the LAD5G ballasts.