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    pwmI have a 2003 toyota corolla that utilizes the low beams as DRL's. I decided to use a relay to transfer the DRL function to some morimotos that I installed where the foglights would have been. Toyota uses pwm to power the low beams as DRL's and this caused an issue, I believe, with my morimoto led DRL's. I switched out the morimotos and went to a basic halogen foglight assembly, but the bulbs failed after 3 weeks. Should I use another relay to fix this? where the relay would take the pwm as the source signal and power from the other pin for the foglights. Is thiis a good idea?

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    that would work. i'm a little suspicious that you'll see relay failures from the PWM duty cycle, but that's correctable with capacitors.

    go with the relay for starters, and play with capacitors after other issues.
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