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A light turns off when you turn on

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  • A light turns off when you turn on

    Hello guys. Happy New Year everyone, I hope you are well in these horrible moments that we are going through.
    I would like to know if you could help me with a problem I have.
    My car is an Alfa Romeo 156 2.4. I have Morimoto projectors, relay wiring, two 40A relays and a 24v 10000uF capacitor. My ballasts are Hella 5dv007760.. and h1 Cnlight 4300k lamps.
    The problem I have is that, when I start the car, and turn on the lights, the light on the battery side goes off immediately, and I have to turn it on again a couple of times. But if I let the engine idle for a moment it starts normally. That with the Hylux ballasts that I had did not happen to me. I have to say that the battery is a Varta and it has 6 nomas. And it does not illuminate either I think, as it should, the cut of the light beam is not clear. Could someone tell me what the problem is?
    Thank you very much to all for reading.

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    Nobody? Nothing?


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      Not really sure. If you say things worked better with one set of ballasts, then maybe it's a ballast issue. But, if you can get everything to work just fine when driving, I suppose there's not really a huge issue?