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    Hi guys new too this forum so hoping I’m posting this in right place. I installed a hid kit today in my f30 bmw. The lights are working but have noticed the beam pattern is messed up since installing. They have been installed into projector headlights so I don’t understand. Any help would be much Kt appreciated. Thanks
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    Either the bulbs are not the right type for the projectors, the bulbs are just cheaply horribly made, or they are not installed quite right.


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      What headlights [housings] do you have?


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        there called eagle eyes performance lamps. I bought online from Germany. Probably shit knowing my luck
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          So it's probably a halogen projector. What bulb does it take? Make sure the bulb is seated properly and the headlights are aimed properly.


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            yes I think they probably are halogen projectors although the drivers side light is perfect. I had the lights aligned when I installed them so they are aimed properly but I know installing hid’s can knock the alignment out again can it not? It’s more of a blob that’s the problem on the passenger side left. I will upload a pic
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              Sounds like it's not headlight alignment at all then. That leaves out the bulb not correctly installed, a bad bulb or a bad projector. If reseating the passenger side bulb does nothing, swap bulbs on either side with one another.
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