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1996 impala retrofit

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  • 1996 impala retrofit

    I am currently doing a tail light retrofit on my car. I have it all wired up using the LED wizard. I am using a corso motion 14 channel sequetial module and upon power up I believe the tail lights are too bright. I believe the module already has resistors to dim the tail vs brake/ turn functions. so the module has one + lead to the tails, so what resistor could I use to dim it down a bit
    • Source voltage Help
      diode forward voltage Help
      diode forward current (mA) Help
      number of LEDs in your array
    • each 56 ohm resistor dissipates 22.4 mW
    • the wizard says the color code for 56 is green blue black
    • the wizard thinks 1/4W resistors are fine for your application Help
    • together, all resistors dissipate 896 mW
    • together, the diodes dissipate 8800 mW
    • total power dissipated by the array is 9696 mW
    • the array draws current of 800 mA from the source.
    it doesn"t look bad in the day but at night its blinding
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