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M-LED 2.0 retrofit into a ’01 Tacoma.

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  • M-LED 2.0 retrofit into a ’01 Tacoma.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    I have purchased the Morimoto M-LED 2.0 retrofit kit to install into my 1st Gen Tacoma. I also have the MotoControl Bi-Xenon H4/9003 relay harness.

    The issue I am having is when I plug everything up. With the truck on Low beams, the Projectors automatically go into High beam.

    With parts left over, I can use a 9006 pig tails and plug directly to the Factory H4 socket and get each beam to function… I can’t get both beams to work at the same time.

    For curiosity, I grabbed my old EK Civic retrofit (Mini-H1) headlights and plugged them into the MotoControl (the I was planning on using in the Tacoma). They fired up in Low Beam, then I could flip the high beams and highs worked.

    If I flipped the blue & white wires, it would blow the fuse as soon as I hit Highs.

    If I connect the Low+ to battery and L/H- to battery (no Highs on). Then I take the High+ and tapped the positive terminal and the highs functioned.

    Which led me to the next thing and tool a volt meter the MotoControl outputs. I think I have found the issue; MotoControl has a .5v 'leak' on the high beam (full 12v when the Highs are on).

    So if I take a "HD Relay - 9006" and add it into to the MotoControl high beam path, I'll get Low with functional highs.
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    I spoke to TRS and after a few phone calls and emails, they suggested that I purchase the “LumaWerx H4/9003 Switching Ground Polarity Module” from HID Kit Pro.



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      Did you use just one for the Motocontrol plug or one on each of the headlight sockets? I'm having the same exact issue with my MLED 2.0 and Motocontrol. TRS thought the Motocontrol might be stuck on High and sent a replacement box, but it didn't fix anything.