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  • Tacoma Stealthbar

    Has anyone installed a tacoma stealthbar? I am looking to get one, but do not want to wire up a switch into the interior. I was hoping to wire it to my hi beams to activate.
    I was wondering if anyone had done that with the DiodeDynamics wiring kit that comes with their light bars?

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    I'm assuming a stealthbar is a LED light bar mounting behind the grill?

    You can use a basic headlight relay harness like this if all you want is the light bar to turn on with the highs, no switches or anything
    • Cut off #4 and #5, connect either remaining wire pairs to the light bar, tape off the unused
    • You can then either splice one of those cut off connectors to the existing highbeam wiring, or use one of these high beam splitters if you don't want to splice
    • Plug #6 into your spliced connector or splitter
    • Wire the remaining connections according to the directions

    I have a light bar behind my 4Runner that's activated only by the high beams, made my own wiring harness but it's basically the same design as that pre-made one. I'll probably modify it so it doesn't turn on in the daytime or driving in the suburbs etc. where a light bar would be overkill
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      Eddie hit the nail on the head perfectly. The wiring harness with the DD light bar should come with everything needed to install a switch inside and a relay running to the battery. So, instead of running the switch wiring to the interior, you could just splice it into the high beam instead.