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2001 Tacoma: TRS Retrofit Blown Fuse

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  • 2001 Tacoma: TRS Retrofit Blown Fuse

    I installed a TRS retrofit on my 2001 tacoma last weekend. Baked the headlights, installed the projectors, connected the wiring and boom... everything seemed to work.... until the next day. Started the truck up and turned on the headlights and the fuse on the motocontrol harness (25A) blows out. I double check my connections and my grounds, replaced the fuse and boom... blows the fuse again. I rechecked all my wiring again and it keeps blowing the fuse on the harness (the one that connects directly to the battery).

    Has this happened to anyone or does anyone have any ideas? I'm starting to think it's a bad motocontrol unit b/c I don't know what else it could be. This is my second retrofit as the first one was on my 2013 tacoma and that too had a bad motocontrol unit that I had to replace after two years. Can this brand new motocontrol work for less than 24 hours and then go bad?

    Here are some pics from the weekend and to show that it was working (albeit for less than 24 hours)


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    All you can really do is try and isolate the issue by bypassing things or swapping them to the other side


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      I can't really help with the wiring. But I would suggest to buy a bigger shroud that covers more of the old halogen reflector.
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        Does it have OEM DRLS?

        I've had a new Motocontrol die on me in a matter of hours, definitely wasn't wiring because the cheap NHK harness I replaced it with has been running fine. I bought it brand new off someone a few years before actually installing it so I couldn't warranty it.
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