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Honda accord h1 hb3 halogen to bixenon oem

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  • Honda accord h1 hb3 halogen to bixenon oem

    Hi everyone my car is honda accord 2009 cu2 i have my headlights with H1 low beams hb3 high beams and i want to install a new oem headlights bi xenon D2s
    I ready ordered oem ballast and igniter and d2s bulb but I'm not sure about the harness connection how to connect them?
    Thank you
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    What do you mean by " OEM Headlights Bi Xenon D2s " ? You meant you bought it from some one that has been retrofitted ? Or this is ebay Bi Xenon Headlights ? Show us the new headlights front and back.


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      Some of honda accord 2014 has this type of xenon headlights with d2s mine is 2009 and have old model without xenon
      Headlights :

      Here is what i bought for them :

      I can use this diagram?


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        First off , 2009 and 2014 have different headlights .....are you sure its going to fit ? I am talking about the shape of the headlights . Powering the lowbeam from the new headlights is not hard but before you do all that find out make sure the new lights will fit your car first. You will need H1 Relay Harness .


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          Thank you i can make myself the harness but I'm not sure about right diagram
          I installed them 1 week ago but no light

          I draw some diagram but I'm not sure is ok?


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            Or maybe this one?


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              You need a diode (one way only) on the highbeam going into the low beam input. So the bulb lights up if you just flash the high beam during the day.
              there is no reason to hook into direct battery power.
              youre stock bulb is 50w. The hid ballast is 35w. A lower draw... you are over complicating this harness.


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                You only need pigtails, a diode, solder, and shrink tube.